Greetings in honor of Ramadan.

Came to an end
Holy ramadan
Meet Muslims
Eid al Adha.

May your race prosper
May peace reign in families
On good deeds you
Allah bless.

In your hearts sound
May the verses of the Qur’an,
Happiness comes to home
Let with Uraza Bayram.

Uraza Bayram came
The post is already over
I wish you all
More joys!

On this holy holiday
May all of you be lucky
And to your birthplace
Happiness will suddenly come!

Uraza Bayram – a bright day of conversation,
We wish good and Allah patience.
Happy moments, friends and kindness
Uraza Bayram it’s time!

Love each other and be loved
Allah alone in the world stored.
The fulfillment of desires, the love of being,
Enormous wealth will be family!

Congratulations to Uraza Bayram
This holiday brought everyone together.
There is no contention, quarrel and resentment,
It is important to see kindness in hearts!

See your loved ones, treat everyone
Get together for prayer.
May heaven give you success
Respond with a bright soul, love!

Holy Ramadan is over
I congratulate you on Uraza Bayram!
Let in thoughts, body, heart and soul
There will be love, harmony and light.

May Allah hear, help you,
Abundance gives, happiness, grace.
Health, joy, good luck to the whole family,
Peace to the nations of all and the whole earth!

Holy Ramadan, finished with respect,
And Uraza Bayram will come to you with inspiration,
May the hearth of love forever burn in your house,
Let each other be congratulated on this bright holiday!

Meet Uraza Bayram
Glorious Ramadan is over.
All the faithful rejoice
Gifts give and dance.

In the name of God, the tests have passed,
Anxiety and misery are gone.
Let dreams come true
And the happiness in the house smiles.

May Uraza Bayram give
Grace and inspiration to all,
The month of Ramadan is over,
The time has come for love, forgiveness!

We wish this bright holiday
Feel the flight, swing,
Let it penetrate unnoticed
In the hearts and thoughts of Allah!

Happy Holidays – Uraza Bayram!
Let him step to meet you
Peace, harmony, prosperity,
Comfort, idyll, order.

Happiness will be infinite
Allah will bring bad weather.
Health to you and your children.
Let the sun shine brighter in the sky.

Well, here came Uraza Bayram.
Holy festival of muslims
On this day, the Quran is not read,
Eid Mubarak is for everyone.

Allah needs to pray
Satisfy the poor, not lazy.
All Islam is having fun.
After all, this is a Muslim holiday.

Great Ramadan passed
Everyone accepts congratulations
Do not sit on the sofa that day,
Eid Mubarak, forward and with the song.
Holiday today, Uraza Bayram.
I wish you happiness and joy.
So that everything desired comes into hand,
And all the bad things left without a trace.

Happiness, health, luck, love.
So that you can do everything in the world.
May this holiday bring good luck.
Great joy, health in addition!

Uraza Bayram, the soul of my joy.
With him I am happy to congratulate everyone.
May my colleagues, let the sun be in your house,
Let the smile be illuminated and old and young!

Ramadan, the holy month,
Say goodbye to him, keeping in his soul!
May the generous table and the joy of loved ones
The sacred three days will not leave you!

Blessed Ramadan
Praise be to Allah, ended.
We have been given a fast for purification,
And the whole month it lasted.

Today is Uraza Bayram,
A feast of incitement has come to us.
Zakat will sound to the poor
And they all sit down for refreshments.

Let your path be illuminated
Quran in the first verses,
May happiness visit your home
And may Allah be with you.

Today is a Muslim holiday
I want to congratulate you too,
May you beautiful Uraza Bayram
Health, happiness will joyfully give.

May the sun shine brighter for you
And music always plays in my soul.
Appreciate faith forever, temple,
And the rest – may Allah glorify.

Uraza Bayram is a celebration of conversation.
I congratulate you, colleagues!
There are no prohibitions again, let doubts go away
Every day, God will be loved.

You live as your heart desires
Only remember to respect the elders.
May love, goodness, happiness not end
Benevolent silence will come to your soul.

May the feast of St. Uraza Bayram,
Only happiness brings you
Good luck, Allah’s blessing
Always a happy mood.

Let the festive table break from the goodies,
And your house will be cozy
Fate always brings you only success,
The attention of loved ones, good,
And just boundless warmth.