What are the minimum statistic requirements in google word search ads

  1. Keywords with the status “Few queries” are characterized by too few matching queries, which indicates that they are irrelevant. As such, Google will temporarily block these keywords and will not trigger your ads to appear.
  2. If the number of search queries for them increases even slightly, they will be reactivated, and your ad display will resume. AdWords regularly checks search traffic and updates keyword status.
  3. Perhaps the keyword is not clear to users, has too narrow a meaning, or is misspelled. It will not be eligible to participate in the auction. This approach can help improve ad serving performance and reduce the number of keywords in the system. Before rejecting a certain word or phrase, the system estimates the number of queries for it over the past 12 months worldwide.
  4. Referral frequency in search terms is not related to Quality Score, bid settings, or ad files, so changing them will not affect it.
    Low-mention keywords do not negatively impact your account’s performance, and you can remove them if needed.
  5. Searching for a keyword that is rarely mentioned in search queries can still display ads. For example, a Google search for the phrase “red and blue bikes for sale” might return ads. This is due to the presence of more general keywords such as “blue bikes”.
  6. If you have a word with a low search rate, you have the following options:
    • You can do nothing and wait a week until Google performs a new keyword check.  If the number of requests for it increases, AdWords will activate it. If you’re promoting a new brand or product, or using a rare word in your ads, do just that.
    • Remove that keyword and find better suggestions with Keyword Planner.
    • Change the match type of the keyword, for example, from exact to broad.
    • Use words with a more general meaning. For example, the keyword “gardenia flower delivery in spring in Moscow” can be changed to “gardenia flower delivery Moscow”.