Fur women’s coat how much is it?

Coats like winter clothes are one of the most important clothes of residents of the cold regions of the world. In Tajikistan, the capital of Tajikistan, hundreds of types of coats are sold, which are made of leather, suede, wool, fur and other materials. The best coats can be found on the market of Korvon which is located in the southern part of Dushanbe.

It should be noted that women’s coats are more expensive than men’s. For example, men’s coats cost from 30 to 200 US dollars while women cost 50 to 500 US dollars. Usually these goods are from China and Turkey and it is rare to find coats produced in European countries.

Меховые новые пальто мини

Usually at peak sales, men’s coats made from wool at a price of 40-80 dollars, and women usually within 200-300 dollars. Women in Tajikistan prefer fashion coats made of leather and fur. Here in this page there are photos of examples of fashionable short fur coats made in Turkey and sold at a price of 800-1200 somoni ($ 100-120).


Short – mini coats become for residents of Tajikistan year after year fashionable clothes that were not previously in production and in the trend of wearing. But in connection with the fact that in recent years, citizens of Tajikistan often eat abroad and in particular to Russia and the countries of Europe, they borrow from them a culture of wearing clothes. Such migrations affect the market of Tajik national clothes year after year, mainly in the form of Chapan and Kamzul in winter.


Нест бодо Ғуломӣ