Funeral services in Dushanbe city – Capital of Tajikistan

The organization of funeral events is a task that requires a special approach, delicacy, knowledge of customs and rituals. Of great importance is the technical equipment and staff training. Both citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan and representatives of other states have the opportunity to apply for this delicate form of assistance to the private ritual company Marosim.

Agency with a professional team

mercedes2-300x200The company was organized in Dushanbe not so long ago, in the summer of 2019, but has already managed to earn recognition and respect. The creation of the agency was carried out in accordance with the requirements of republican legislation and the Islamic religion of the Hanafi madhhab.

Organization staff – educated young people with appropriate training. Their work experience in the field of funeral services is at least three years – this is a mandatory requirement for employment. Thanks to this, the agency guarantees the observance of traditions, attention to the wishes of the customer, ethics and courtesy.

Technical equipment, materials and accessories

Both the citizens of the country and the guests of Tajikistan can use the services of the company. The Agency has everything necessary for the farewell ceremony and burial to be held at the highest level. Provide:

  • Transport?
  • Tobut (coffin)
  • Kafan (shroud)
  • Gravestone materials
  • Religious items
  • Chairs
  • Kurpachi

In the fleet – comfortable Mercedes minibuses, which comfortably accommodate up to ten people. We will provide both passenger transport and a hearse for transporting the body to the mosque and the burial place.

The main services provided by the agency

In accordance with Islamic traditions, Marosim provides the following range of funeral services, either full or at the request of the customer:

  1. Advance booking of a place in a cemetery, organization of its payment.
  2. Preparation of the burial place (digging of the grave, restoring order).
  3. Informing the relatives of the deceased about the time of the ritual events, reading prayers (by e-mail, phone, SMS).
  4. Reading Surah Yasin to a person at death.
  5. Reading the Koran on the day of death at the deceased’s house, as well as in the cemetery for three days from the day of burial.
  6. Reading a prayer, Namaz Janaz.
  7. Complete ablution of the deceased.
  8. Providing ritual paraphernalia (shroud, coffin, etc.) and its delivery home, to the mosque, to the cemetery.
  9. Transportation of the deceased and his family on a hearse, buses, cars.
  10. Providing chairs and other furniture on the day of the funeral.
  11. Organization of medical support on the day of the funeral for guests and relatives.

Additional services

Cargo 200: the agency will help organize the transportation (repatriation) of the body if the deceased was a Tajik citizen who left the country to study or work.
Landscaping of the burial place (planting flowers, trees), long-term care for it.
Preparation of stone and inscriptions for the grave, fencing of the burial place.
In case of force majeure circumstances that prevent timely burial, the ordered service package will be prolonged.

For the poor, orphans and other citizens with limited financial capabilities, a preferential program is provided. By contacting Marosim, citizens and guests of Tajikistan are guaranteed to receive the assistance they need in full. Qualified personnel will verify compliance with all arrangements and will hold the funeral in accordance with the customs.