Flaxseed oil in Tajikistan

Linseed oil in Tajikistan is considered to be the third in use after sunflower and cotton. Of course in Tajikistan, flaxseed oil is produced which is popularly called “Ravgani Zagir” and it is extracted in an artisanal condition by private individuals at home.

Samo lana is grown in the rainfed lands of the country at an altitude of more than 500-600 meters above sea level and is clean – natural. Due to the laboriousness of cultivating the lana, it significantly affects the price of the final product (butter).


Tajik linseed oil in the markets of Dushanbe cost about 24-28 somoni (2018) and here imported – foreign linseed oil is 60-70 somoni per liter that is 2-3 times more expensive. It is worth saying that foreign flax oil in quality (taste, color, smell and other factors) is much better.

In Dushanbe, foreign-made linseed oil can be found in supermarkets including Auchan City and Paikar with the name “King” produced in Russia.