Eye Hospitals in Dushanbe

In Dushanbe, there are several medical institutions – hospitals dealing with the treatment of eye diseases and among them the most advanced are:

  1. The Eye Hospital named “Republican Ophthalmology Center” at 234 Rahmon Nabiyev Street, postal code: 734036. Telephone: (+992) 233-59-62;
  2. Diagnostic-treatment center “SHIFO” at Druzhba Narodov street. Phone: 227-18-14;
  3. Hospital “Karabolo“, building number 2. Address: Alisher Navoi Street. Landmark Embassy of Russia in Dushanbe.
  4. American Eye Clinic. Address: Omar Khayam Street, 20. Landmark Marjona Restaurant in the direction of Selhoz Institute. Tel: 224-11-47;
  5. Indian clinic “Vedanta“. Address: 10 Mehnat Street. Landmark – Mehrdon Market. Tel: 224-05-05;


Each of the higher-named organizations have their advantages over others that are on the list. The advantages of each of these institutions will be described below.

  1. The first institution does operations to remove cataracts with affordable prices for the population and return the view of children and some adults. It’s about the Republican ophthalmologic center. They have a history of functioning in the capital of Tajikistan with more than 50 years of experience and good reviews. The only thing that they can not do is complex operations of the eyes and restoration of difficult-to-reconstructed visions;
  2. But the hospital “SHIFO” although appeared on the market after 2010, but it managed to gain great respect among the population as it managed to restore sight to hundreds of citizens of Tajikistan. They work with complex situations and invite specialists from European countries (in particular from Russia) to treat them;
  3. The hospital “CARABOLO” also deals with operations but not at the highest level as in Shifo. Prices in Carabolo are available and mostly they are engaged in correction, removal of cataracts and other operations;
  4. The American clinic provides quality consultations meeting the world standards and has the latest technologies and foreign specialists;
  5. The Vedanta Clinic, unlike other institutions mentioned above, is new and therefore just enter into the confidence of the population. Their prices are not high as in the SHIFO, and the Amerikan clinic. They in Tajikistan only provide advice. If you need professional help, then send the patient to India.

Among the milestones, the “SHIFO” clinic is recommended if you have serious eye problems. But if the problem is not so bad, then the specialists of other medical institutions in Dushanbe will be able to help you too


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