External Relations Officer

Expertise External Relations Officer
Expertise Group External Affairs & Communications
Consultant Source National
TOR Keywords Communincations

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
ADB’s CAREC unit serves as Secretariat of the CAREC Program. The External Relations Officer (national consultant) will be engaged to assist in meeting the information, outreach, and greater external and internal visibility of CAREC program.


Scope of Work

The External Relations Officer (ERO) coordinates CAREC’s external relations activities in line with the CAREC 2030 Communication Strategy. The expected work involves meeting information needs of the program and targeted stakeholders and policy makers, enhancing visibility and support for CAREC work in the region. The consultant will work under the supervision of Unit Head CAREC, and closely coordination with secretariat team in the headquarters including the Web Developer and Administrator, Regional Cooperation
Coordinators and CAREC Advisors in the member countries, CAREC Institute, ADB’s Department of Communication (DOC), sector focal points and CAREC member countries. The consultant will develop annual communication plan in accordance with the CAREC 2030 Communication Strategy and assist in content creation for news, websites, events, maintain and develop social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube etc), coordinate and assist in production of CAREC knowledge resources and publications and other awareness-raising materials and activities. The duration of this assignment is 180 days. The consultant will be based in CAREC member country or ADB Headquarters.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
1. Development of Communication Content — Drawing on CAREC events, documents, sector activities and reports, external sources, the ERO prepares short and medium-length write-ups and presentations to be used to inform audiences of CAREC program and activities. Illustrative activities include but not limited to:

- Develop CAREC Annual Communication Plan
- Develop a content plan/strategy and work closely with DOC to highlight key issues of importance to CAREC and articulate the Program’s key messages and initiatives
- Develop diverse and engaging content (including video, written articles, social media content and infographics) for dissemination across various platforms including CAREC’s website, social media accounts, digital newsletter, while adhering to CAREC’s and ADB’s style guidelines
- Collaborate with CAREC and ADB experts, and review CAREC publications to source content, key messages, statistics, and impact stories for communication to CAREC’s key audiences
- Coordinate the timely production and dissemination of CAREC publications and other information materials including editing and/or proofreading support

2. Social Media and Websites – maintain and enhance CAREC presence, information, messages using new
media including social media platforms. Illustrative activities include but not limited to:

 – Develop content for the CAREC Program and other associated sector and activity websites including new web pages in a timely manner
 – Maintain and develop social media accounts by regular updates  – Maintain a social media calendar integrating the content plan for CAREC’s social platforms and explore new ways to promote the Program’s work and outputs via social media
 – Develop and implement a schedule to ensure regular and comprehensive updating of all website pages in collaboration with Web Developer and Administrator
 – Act as a reviewer and work closely with the Web Developer and Administrator to ensure all links to documents, other pages within the site, and external websites are working
 – Coordinate with ADB’s Department of External Relations to develop, maintain, and update the CAREC Program website pages of www.adb.org
 – Develop a system of regular monitoring and reporting social media and other websites user stats, reach and impact data

3. Events Outreach and Support
 – Coordinate outreach activities for the CAREC Program events (for example Senior Officials’ Meetings, Sector committee meetings and Ministerial Conferences etc)
 – Undertake other related activities assigned by the CAREC Unit, including for example, the preparation of media content, news releases, presentation materials, reports, and other documents for use in high-level meetings and conferences.

4. Stakeholder Engagement and Media Monitoring —

The ERO builds and maintains strong networks among
CAREC government agencies and media. Helps analyze media trends, news highlights relevant to regional cooperation and CAREC 2030 Strategy clusters and activities, news relating to other regional cooperation initiatives and activities of development partners. He/she maintains communication with media outlets and journalists to promote awareness of CAREC program and activities. The ERO produces weekly news highlight bulletin covering key developments in the region. The ERO helps analyze stakeholder and media perceptions of CAREC program to deliver key messages accurately and effectively to major counterparts and stakeholders on priority initiatives. ERO in coordination with DOC effectively networks with local and national media to promote CAREC and build awareness of development issues in the region. The ERO handles requests for information from the media and general public and monitors regional media coverage
on topics relevant to CAREC and advise CAREC Secretariat appropriately.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree in communications, Journalism, International Relations, or related fields; preferably with advanced training
2. Hands on and demonstrated experience in outreach content development including news, stories, website
content, social media platforms management
3. Proven experience in content creation for diverse platforms (i.e. video content, short- and long-form articles for web, social media content, infographics)
4. Knowledge of mainstream, alternate media especially in CAREC region and other important media outlets relevant to CAREC program, regional cooperation, economic development etc
5. Fluency in English and Russian (desired). Knowledge of other CAREC member country languages will be an asset.
6. Excellent writing skills in English and Russian (desired) including the ability to turn complex and technical ideas into clear, engaging content that is easily understood by non-specialist audiences

Minimum General Experience 5 Years

Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 5