Tajikistan Economy

 The economy of Tajikistan takes 139 place in the world with the volume of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the amount of 23,3 billion US dollars, where share in service industries is 57% and there are sectors like agriculture and industry, 25% and 17% respectively.

Богхои КонибодомAlthough, valuing the economic strength of the country is accepted by volume of the GDP, it would be better in case of Tajikistan to estimate from the point of GNP (Gross National Product) views, as the consumption of principal source of the population of Tajikistan is solved at the expense of foreign incomes, in particular from the labor of migrants, which are bringing more than 90% of currency earnings to the country.

Employed citizens of Tajikistan, permanently or seasonally, in a real sector of the economy particularly in agriculture and industry make up more than 3 million people, who manufacture products to the sum of 2 billion US dollars in a year, while more than 70% of that sum is spent on expenditure, specifically for buying fuels and lubricants, mineral fertilizers, raw materials and other, that in net undercount their activity equals to about 300 million dollars in one year. The amount of labor migrations that are working in foreign countries is about 1 million, but the volume of money that they bring to country is 3-4 billion US dollars, which is in 10th time more effective than the employed workers from domestic market. This is to say that the economy of Tajikistan strongly depends on external factors and in case of the beginnings of problems with labor migration and their income, will considerably affect Tajikistan.

In short, Tajik people after gaining independence basically live for account of young citizens, who go to Russia in order to work, as well as for account of cotton and fruits growing, production of metal work and energy production about which bring in-depth information below.