Airport of Dushanbe

The International Airport of Dushanbe is a new building that was commissioned in September 2015, built by a French company for about $ 70 million. The length of the airfield is 3.5 km. (width of 600 meters) on a total area of ​​10.8 square kilometers. The capacity is 450 passengers per hour. Staff communicate in 3 languages ​​including: Tajik, English and Russian.

The airfield of the city of Dushanbe is considered an aerodrome of category “B” with the code “ICAO – 4D”. Airport Dushanbe has the potential to accept Airbus-310 (320), Boeing-737 (757, 767), Il-62 (76), Tu-154, 757 and other types of heavy aircraft, as well as helicopters of any type.

building of Dushanbe Airport

Photo of the new building of Dushanbe Airport

The optimal take-off mass of air transports is 170 tons. Also used for military purposes. There are localized airlines Somon Air and Tajik Air. Nearby is (from the eastern part) the old building of the Airport which was built in 1960-1964. In the history of Dushanbe Airport there was not a single plane crash.

Address and contacts of Dushanbe Airport:

Republic of Tajikistan, Post code: 734012, Dushanbe,

Street named after M.Mastangulov, 32/2.


Background: (+992) 47-449-42-33, (+992) 37 221-19-66
Luggage compartment: 223-16-34
Luggage storage: (+992) 47 449-41-28;
Consular Section: 47 449 45-40;
The visa department: 47 449-45-65;
First-aid post: 47-449-45-67;
Fire room: 47-449-44-55;
Border control: 47-449-46-22.

For airport clients in the terminal are:

  1. Transit zone;
  2. CIP hall for departure and arrival;
  3. Restaurants and cafes with European and national cuisine.
  4. Air ticket offices and representative offices of airlines;
  5. Mother and child room;
  6. Prayer room in the waiting room of passengers;
  7. Luggage office;
  8. Medical point for first aid, as well as for sending and receiving sick passengers;
  9. Sanitary-quarantine point;
  10. Consular Section for obtaining a visa upon arrival;
  11. Equipment for packing luggage;
  12. Convenient trolleys for carrying luggage;
  13. Free Wi-Fi access to the Internet.
Зал ожидания

SIP New airport in Dushanbe photo

Other informations about Airport of Dushanbe city:

  1. Six landings. 2 to remote parking and 4 to telescopic ladders. Traps manufacturer ThyssenKrupp (Germany).
  2. 18 Check-in counters and automatic baggage handling system manufacturer Vanderlande Industries Holland.
  3. 2 Conveyor belts for the processing of baggage for departure and 3 roundabouts for the issuance of baggage for the arrival. Company Väderlande
  4. 10 border poles for departure and 12 for arrival
  5. Modern information boards around the terminal and the station square are manufactured by the company SITA-FIDS (Geneva).
  6. Modern elevators and escalators from the world’s leading manufacturer OTIS.
  7. One of the best world trade brands in the field of Duti-Free The German company Heinemann (Heinemann Duty Free)
  8. The most high-tech and modern equipment for personal inspection, as well as for inspecting baggage of passengers from the Rapiscan Systems Company (Rapiscan Systems)
  9. Modern high-tech center for operational management of the terminal.
  10. Modern automated centralized system for technical management of the terminal building.
  11. Advanced video surveillance system throughout the terminal and the station square.
  12. Multilevel fire protection system of the European standard.
  13. Mechanical and automatic floor cleaners from the world’s leading manufacturer Dulyovo Italy.
  14. Automatic card access control system that provides security and prevents the penetration of unauthorized persons into the terminal