In Dushanbe city, the capital of Tajikistan, there are shops selling flowers with delivery, the number of which reaches several dozen shops. The best point-shops for selling flowers are located in the centers of the country’s capital near the Central Department Store.

Цветы Душанбе – Таджикистан доставка, цены, магазины, телефоны

Продажа цветов в подземке ЦУМ-а

Many flower shops in Dushanbe sell flowers grown in Tajikistan and it is rare to see flowers imported from abroad. Usually imported expensive roses are Dutch from Moscow, which are grown in Europe.

Growing and supply of flowers in Dushanbe

Продажа цветов  на против  ЦУМ-а

Продажа цветов на против ЦУМ-а

But those flowers that are considered Tajik – that eats produced in Tajikistan, they come from special hotbeds that are located around the city of Dushanbe, including in the districts of Rudaki, Gissar district and Vakhdat district. The total area of land for growing flowers a year on the territory of the country is about 15-20 hectares where about 3-4 million pieces of flowers are grown.

Shops (including online stores) for the sale of flowers in Dushanbe

In the city of Dushanbe, there are the following best flower shops, including:

  1. Flower shop “Guldast” on the territory of the House of Press. They can find both flowers and gifts, including postcards, bears, perfumes, dolls and others;
  2. Flower shop “Roxana” which is against TSUM, next to the jewelry store. In general, there are also a number of shops next to it that sell the best flowers of the city and gifts;
  3. Flower shop Trade unions. It is located 70 meters west of the building of Agroinvestbank along S. Sherosi Street. Here on the subway of the CIRC-a also sell flowers, but alas not a rich choice.
  4. Flower shop “Yasmina” next to the Central Department Store in Rudaki avenue, 89. Phone: + 992-44-64-01-177
  5. Online flower shop “Million Petals”. This is an online flower delivery service in Dushanbe. They have a website whose address is Address: Frunze Street house 4. Phone: 917-096-422;
  6. Flower shop “Magnolia”. Located against the building of the Pedagogical University at Rudaki Avenue, 106. Email:, tel: 93-4440-595, 927-075-991.
  7. Flower and gift shop “Lily”. It is located against the building of Creation along S. Aini Street. 59. Telephones: 918-280-886, 901-009-889, 900-280-886;
  8. On-line flower shop “Make Mee Hepi” – Make-Me-Happy. They can be contacted on the following contacts. Tel-Weiber 992500-000-426, Skype: makemehappytj, E-mail:, Facebook:
  9. Internet shop selling and delivering flowers “Sandflakes”. Their website:
  10. Internet shop selling and delivering flowers of the city of Dushanbe by the name of Flovers. Their website address is:

букет ассорти цветы Душанбе

Prices for flowers in the city of Dushanbe (for the last 5 years until 2018)

  1. Price 1-pc. ordinary roses is 10-15 somoni (1-1.5 $);
  2. The price of Dutch roses is 25 somoni ($ 2.5-3);
  3. A bouquet of assorted colors is usual of 15-20 pieces. 50 somoni ($ 8);
  4. A rich bouquet of assorted. About 40-50 pieces of flowers 120-170 somoni ($ 15-20) $

It should be noted that delivery can be done by any taxi driver who takes about 3 TJS for each kilometer of the road.