School of the deaf-mute in Dushanbe

Special comprehensive school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Dushanbe is located along the Negmat Karabaev street next to the building of the Administration of the Firdavsi district or against the main Archives Directorate. In Tajik, it is called “Maktabi Karu Gungho”. This is a government agency.
School for the deaf-mute is a special art and social sciences school in Dushanbe for students with hearing and speech abilities. It was founded on January 17, 1975, when Tajikistan was separate from the Soviet Union. She is currently located at 44 Karaboyev Street, in Dushanbe.
School building photo

School building photo

The school has 13 classrooms, a library, a director’s office, offices for assistant directors and a computer lab. There are 15 teachers and a student body of 135. The current principal of the school is Rafik SH Odinev. Lessons four days a week for after 9 and 2 days a week for 10-12 classes of 1 classes.

At educators, there is a speech therapist, the translator is familiar with the language and methodologist. Since 2004, there have been computer labs sponsored by the US Department of State and implemented by Relief International Schools Online, with 9 computers, a printer, and Internet access. Ms. K. D. Giyoyeva is a teacher at the Internet Center.


Telephone: +992 372 33 9571


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