Chinese clinic in Dushanbe

Chinese clinic in the capital of Tajikistan –  Dushanbe city (in Tadzhi Markazi tabobatii chini) – The Chinese hospital in the city of Dushanbe has several and they treat Tajik citizens who are ill from several diseases. A special place is occupied by the Chinese Hospital, which is located in the city of Dushanbe at the intersection of Dehoti Street (former Shestopalova) and Borbad Street near the Jal-jam market (construction bazar).

Китайская полекленика больница  клиника в Душанбе Таджикистан

This clinic mainly treats a disease related to the supporting-motor organism of the person, including diseases such as “Hemorrhoids”. They have the privilege, rather than other clinics in Tajikistan, that they ease patients by the best methods that are modern technologies.


Prises are not high, but not low. But the guarantee of treatment and the condition of recovery are good enough, as Chinese medicine is practiced.

Phones for inquiries:

(+992) 95 140 44 44

Address: Dushanbe City, Dehoti Street 50.

Map of passage