Chapdara Lake

Lake Chapdara (Left canyon) – This system is mainly of three large and several tiny lakes, connected by an underground tributaries and outflow mountain waters. It is located on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan Ayni district in the western part of the Hissar ridge Fan Mountains. They are located upper gorge Chapdara River, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Fan mountains in the area of 94 sq. km. near the lake in 2 km diameter. also there are some (6) tiny lakes with a diameter of 20-70 meters.

Photo Chapdara Lake

Photo Chapdara Lake

Lake Chardarya located at an altitude of 2782 meters east of Kulikalon lake at a distance of 7.5 km .. On the banks of the lakes are many Archi trees. The weather in the summer is not cool, and the water of the lake is suitable for swimming. This lake is often visited by foreign tourists.
To the lakes is steep seaward trail. It is easy to make an excursion to the glacier Maria, but close to the icefall approach is not recommended, because at any moment can happen collapse of the upper ice. After the lake located on the way Chapdara other unique lakes such as the Muddy and Pialat.
Lake Chapdara are fresh and lively lake so it is a constant outflow (underground). Its water is mainly replenished by underground stream and rivers. Stoke lake is likely to go underground and it springs from the unknown.
Distance from Lake Chapdara to the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe city is about 120 km. on the road. To get to the lake is on foot because there is no road to the lake. The route towards the lake is almost identical to the lake Iskander. The nearest civilization to muddy lakes are within a distance of 17 km. with the title “Village Marguzor”.

Location Lakes Chapdara on the map

The landscape around Lake Chapdara like lakes Kulikalon and Iskander. Geographical coordinates Mutny Lakes: 39 ° 14’16 “north latitude and 68 ° 15’22” east longitude. We also recommend to look for other lakes in Tajikistan link.


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