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28 Aug 2020

The most muscular girl in Russia and the world Julia

When it comes to bodybuilding, few people think of pumped-up women. The images of A. Schwarzenegger, F. Zane, D. Jones and others emerge in consciousness. There are women in powerlifting too, and one of the outstanding personalities
7 Aug 2019

Funeral services in Dushanbe city – Capital of Tajikistan

The organization of funeral events is a task that requires a special approach, delicacy, knowledge of customs and rituals. Of great importance is the technical equipment and staff training. Both citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan and
25 Mar 2018

What to take from Tajikistan?

From Tajikistan, you can buy and take to your country as a gift for your family and friends a lot of things, including for women and men or for children or managers who are your bosses. Among
6 Feb 2018

Beauty salons in Dushanbe city

In the city of Dushanbe there are approximately 100 beauty salons that work in the field of manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, drawing tattoos. The most advanced of them are Promoitalia and Jasmine’s salon which are located in the
17 Dec 2017

Puppet Theater of Dushanbe

In Tajikistan, since September 7, 1985 functions the only puppet theater in the city of Dushanbe, 54/1 Shotemur Street. At the moment, this puppet theater in the native Tajik language is called “Teatri Luhtak”, it’s going through
6 Dec 2017

Prostitution in Tajikistan is allowed or prohibited?

Is it possible to engage in prostitution – sex services at a paid level in Tajikistan? What to say the law? What are the consequences and penalties? Who can be prosecuted in Tajikistan for selling the body
30 Nov 2017

Musical schools in Dushanbe

In the city of Dushanbe, there are several music schools in which the children of Tajikistan study. These musical schools teach lessons on playing musical instruments and singing. Of particular importance is given to national instruments and
20 Nov 2017

Tomato, types and prices in Tajikistan

Tomato is an integral part of the everyday product of residents of Tajikistan. Under the word tomato Tajiks understand boiled or dried tomatoes. Usually tomato is used in the winter and spring period because there are no
18 Nov 2017

Fur women’s coat how much is it?

Coats like winter clothes are one of the most important clothes of residents of the cold regions of the world. In Tajikistan, the capital of Tajikistan, hundreds of types of coats are sold, which are made of
13 Nov 2017

Qurutov – tajik dish

Kurutov (Kurutob) is a Tajik national dish that is made mainly of kurut and fatir. Kurutov is considered one of the most favorite dishes of the Tajik people which is sometimes cooked as a special dish. The