In Tajikistan, what can and can not be done?

Unlike other countries in Tajikistan, a number of actions that are prohibited at the legislative level or at the level of public morality, as well as Islamic values, are unacceptable.

As is known, Tajiks and Uzbeks, who are the main peoples of Tajikistan, pay special attention to the historical and Islamic canons. Taking into account such values, the government of the republic makes new restrictions year after year with the goal of preventing unacceptable trends – actions in society.


Thus, below there is a list of actions that can or can not be performed by people in the geographical area of ​​the Republic of Tajikistan.

You can not! Actions that are prohibited in Tajikistan:

  1. Conduct the last call in schools on a solemn level (concert, treats);
  2. To make solemn events in honor of the birth (akika) of a son or daughter and give meals to people inviting them at home or anywhere with or without the participation of artists;
  3. Watch or distribute porn videos, a number of foreign films, including Spartacus in 2016;
  4. To name the names of citizens in documents by foreign languages. For example, it is not possible to give the name of the newborn a name to Michael Jackson or the daughter of Lady Gaga. It is also forbidden to name the names of organizations by foreign names;
  5. Wear Arabic garments, including hijab and Farandji;
  6. Mark the birthday with the participation of friends or a person outside the family circle (regardless of place (restaurant or home);
  7. Wear a beard to men (unofficially prohibited);
  8. Wear long hair for men;
  9. Arrange wake-ups, which with refreshments;
  10. Citizens who have the citizenship of foreign countries, including Russia, can not work in state organizations, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Government, the National Bank, Agroinvestbank, Amonatbank, the Ministry of Finance, Mosques, etc .;
  11. Go to school with a phone or smartphone;
  12. Work in mosques or in religious organizations if you are a graduate of universities of foreign countries;
  13. You can not go for free with tinted windows (auto transport);
  14. Students and students go in their own car (to be a chauffeur) for a school or university (University, Institute);
  15. Conduct a wedding on working days, treat in a wedding more than 150 persons, the concert should not be more than 3 hours in the wedding;
  16. Kissing (including making love) in public places;
  17. Express your alien opinions in relation to the Rulers or Spiritual leaders.
  18. To smoke cigarettes in public places. Children under 18 years of age are also not allowed to smoke.
  19. Girls are prohibited from providing sex services (fine 500-1000 somoni);
  20. Since 2018, men will likely be banned from using paid services for girls who provide sex.
  21. Same-sex marriages;
  22. He comes to visit with empty hands;
  23. Go ahead of adults;
  24. Speak aloud at adults;

Other distinctive restrictions are contained in the law of the Republic of Tajikistan on the regulation of rites and celebrations;

Girls of Dushanbe in European clothes

Photo Girls of Dushanbe in European clothes

Can! Actions that are allowed in Tajikistan:

  1. To give birth to children as long as they want (in China, more than 1-2 can not);
  2. Drink alcohol, including vodka and wine (in Islamic countries can not);
  3. Marries or marries anyone who wants (in India you can not);
  4. Purchase and sale of crypto-currencies (prohibited in Russia);
  5. It is on a visit for more than 3 hours in urban conditions and more than 1 day in rural conditions. (In European countries, this is not considered propriety);\
  6. To go with European clothes to women, if this is urban conditions. In Afghanistan, this is not welcome;
  7. Without queue, the crowd to go wherever (to the doctor, the bank, etc.). In developed countries, this is considered indecent;
  8. Learn Russian and study in the university-ah where they teach in Russian. In Ukraine, this is prohibited;
  9. Work in any specialist if you know it. In countries where there are sects, they are forbidden such actions (eg Bangladesh or Myanmar);
  10. Do not pay taxes if you have income in the form of electronic benefits abroad;