Buy Teddy Bear in Dushanbe

Where is a bear cub sold in Dushanbe?

In the capital of Tajikistan, artificial bear cubs can be bought where flowers are sold, and in particular in the TSUM and Sadbarg Shopping Center, but their price is quite expensive there, which is about $ 50-80, depending on the size.

In recent years, these bears have been bought very often by the population as a gift for children and girls. Boys in love often buy a fluffy teddy bear made of padding polyester as they are very soft and pleasant to the touch.


But if you want to buy bears at more affordable prices, you can find them near gate number 5 of the Corvon market, where for $ 30 you can buy a bear 1.5 meters tall. And small ones 1 meter tall cost 15 dollars. They will mainly be made by local entrepreneurs from Tajikistan.