Bukhoro restaurant in Dushanbe

The restaurant “Bukhoro” is one of the five best restaurants in the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe. It opened in March 2016 and in such a short time managed to surprise its customers and make a big noise among the society about such incredible beauty and delicious traditional dishes.

The Bukhoro restaurant is located in the eastern part of Dushanbe along the Friendship Street. Landmark Disco Loft or Merve restaurant.

Photo of the Banquet Hall of the "Bukhoro" Restaurant

Photo of the Banquet Hall of the “Bukhoro” Restaurant

The restaurant is always crowded as it serves its customers at a high level. The main competitors of this restaurant are the restaurant Didor and Yakkachinar. Prices in the restaurant Bukhoro in relation to other restaurants in Dushanbe are 10-20% higher.


This restaurant often hosts large events such as weddings and celebratory banquets (New Year, Navruz, den of mothers) at a high level with the participation of the most famous singers / singers and artists of the country.


The menu of the restaurant Bukhara is quite diverse and most of them are available. The service personnel respond quickly and fulfill the desire of their customers. There are also restaurants with similar names in the city of Dushanbe, such as Bukhara Palace and Shomi Bukhoro, but they are far behind the Bukhara restaurant in all respects.


The 2-storey building of the Bukhara restaurant is built in the national style and will charm with its unique design and colors from colorful patterns and building materials. There is 1 large hall for large events and several booths. Every evening there is live music and dancing of young girls.


The restaurant can be reached by public transport such as №2, 13, etc. For those who come by their car, they can park directly at the courtyard – the street. Employees – the administration of the restaurant Bukhara also accepts orders for booking cabins and tables by phone:

(+992) 90 000 7748


Those who wish can read the reviews and see the photos and the materials of this restaurant on the social page of the restaurant at: https://www.facebook.com/restaurantBuhoro/

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