Best tourist places in Tajikistan

What kind of places should I visit in Tajikistan? This question number one for any tourist! In order to plan everything clearly and not waste time, it’s just that you were given the name of the 10 best routes (places) for the tour in this country.

Teahose khorog

  1. Capital. The first thing that we recommend you to visit in Tajikistan is the city of Dushanbe and see places such as the National Museum, Kokhi Navruz, Yakkachinar Restaurant, Hayat SPA, Dolphin Water Park, Mehrgon Large National Market, Mosque “Luchob”, Park named after “Rudaki”, walks along the avenues of Rudaki, Somoni and Sadi Shirazi by car. We recommend 3-5 days to visit Dushanbe;
  2. Gissar Valley – this route includes a visit to the Chaykhana “Harbuza”. This unique architectural building was built in 2015 in the style of melon. Then you need to see the historical fortress of the 16th century under the name “Kalai Khizor”. Then you need to follow the northern part of the Gissar area where the best gardens are apple and grapes. By desire, you can move to the Tursunzade area, where the largest plant of the republic is called TALCO and also eat a waterfall called “Kuran” and grape garden of “Lady’s fingers”. In this direction, 1-2 days are enough to see all the charms;
  3. The city of Khujand. This city is the most beautiful city in Tajikistan where you can swim in the Tajik sea named “Kairokum”, eat national dishes in the most beautiful tea house of Tajikistan named “Arbob”, relax in the best sanatorium of the republic named “Bakhoriston”, go fishing in the lake, visit the historical museum Khujand “and not only. Near Khujand eats amazing visit apricot orchards, which will give you lots of fun. It’s enough 1-2 days in this city to have a good walk and see the best places.
  4. Zeravshan Valley. For lovers of nature, the Zeravshan valley is considered a paradise on earth. There are dozens of large lakes and hundreds of small and incredibly beautiful. There are dozens of small creeks and large rivers and huge waterfalls. Especially it is necessary to look at Iskander Lake, Haftkul Lake, Aloudinskie Lake, the Zarafshan River and the Iskander Falls. You should visit the city of Penjikent where there is a historical city of Sarazm with a history of more than 2500 years. The remains of the ancient city where there were the greatest people of Tajikistan including the poet Abuabdulloy Rudaki.
  5. Nurek – This is the new city of Tajikistan where the lion’s share of the electricity of the Republic of Tajikistan is produced. In the coast of the city there is the Giant Hydroelectric Station with which the water flies with the speed of the airplane and spreads like a wind to the sky. Here you are offered the most delicious and healthy fish called “Trout”. Here you can stop in a very beautiful resort “Puli Sangin” and ride a water motorcycle company “Aqua Nurek”.
  6. Varzob is a region adjoining from the northern part of the capital of Tajikistan, famous for its unique beautiful nature, where you can have a rest in addition to autumn. Here is located one of the best resorts of the republic called Khoja obi garm at an altitude of more than 2000 meters on a surprisingly beautiful landscape. Another popular place in this area is a ski resort called “Safeddara” which can be visited in winter after moderate snows. But among the population of the country Varzob district is famous for its river along which there are a lot of restaurants, canteens, campsites and other complexes for excellent pastime in the summer season.
  7. The Kulyab region is a number of areas in which there are many sacred places and historical places. Here usually tourists visit because of spiritual goals or existing interests to historical monuments. It is recommended to visit the city of Kulyab where a holy man named “Hazrati Amirjon” is buried, to visit the Vose district (From now on Hulbuk) where the fortress with a history of more than 1000 years is located. Also tourists visit the most beautiful waterfall of the country under the name “Sari Khosor”, Mount “Childukhtaron” in Muminobod region. Oh, almost forgot in this region there is a salt mountain which can provide the whole country with a salt for always and therefore those who want to see this nature wonders worth a look.
  8. Shahrituz – this area is very hot in the summer where it eats deserts with healing characters and a lake called “Chiluchorocchashma” where tourists come for treatment and spiritual cleansing. Here is buried the holy religious figure who lived under the Arab caliphate. It’s enough to be 1 day.
  9. Khorog is the only city in Tajikistan that is located in the mountains of the country at an altitude of more than 3000 meters, where there are unique features. The people who live here have Greek-Italian roots and therefore they have green or blue eyes, and their skin is white and red and they speak 8 different languages ​​that are absolutely different from each other. Many Europeans wish to marry girls of this locality as the European race flows in their blood. Here the sanatorium “Garmchashma” has warm water at any time of the year. Some fans of extreme sports visit this region with a goal to shoot mountain goats, wild boars, snow leopards or bears and to keep to themselves a historical memory.
  10. Murgab – this is the largest district of Tajikistan