Asht district of Tajikistan with an area 2 785.5 km2 and a population of 150 thousand man is the most northern region of Tajikistan. The administrative center of the district is the urban-type settlement “Shaidon”.

Asht district on the photo

Asht district on the photo

About geographical location of the area can be said that almost Asht district is bordered on three sides ie, in the north, west and east, with Tashkent, Namangan and Ferghana regions of Uzbekistan, and only in the south and south-east Gafurov and Konibodom Sughd Tajikistan’s area.

History Asht district education began in the beginning of 1926. The area was part of the Khojent district of the Uzbek SSR. Only in 1929 Khojent district became part of the Tajik SSR. Before 1938, Asht district was subordinated to the Tajik SSR, and in 1938-1939 entered Leninabad district, then in 1939-1962 years in the Leninabad region, in 1962-1970 he was a subordinate of the Tajik SSR, and in 1970 re-enters part of the Leninabad region (2000 – Sughd Oblast).

Asht district is a border area. The heads of border regions signed the “Cooperation Plan, 2014-2017 to strengthen good-neighborly relations and friendship.” The Plan provides for a variety of areas for cooperation.

Map of Asht district from the satellite:

Asht district consists of one small town and rural communities 9 (Jamoat). For more populous include such rural communities as Shaidon, Orien, Oshoba, Pongoz and Asht.

Asht district today is a modern settlement. Even 2 years both here opened a modern sports complex. It has all the necessary conditions for various sports and physical culture.

In education, the district program to provide computers in schools was given. In Asht district of the government computers were delivered, thus the full computerization of schools has been completed.

Infrastructure of the area is also well developed. Budget funding planned for the reconstruction of villages roads. At present, almost all of the district widely been established reconstruction of roads.

Climatic conditions of Asht district, marked soft and short-lived winter. Spring is early and galloping. Summer in the area is always hot and dry. The average temperature in summer reaches up to 26 degrees and the maximum temperature to 40 degrees. Therefore, the area climate allows agriculture.

In Asht district is enterprise “Zardolu Islands company” engaged in harvesting and packing of fresh and dried fruit. This company can take and prepare to export up to 50 tons of fresh fruit.

In 2014, the cotton growers of Asht district of Sughd region in the first carried out a plan for the collection of raw cotton. In Asht new building of the central hospital Shaidon village was opened, which is the administrative center of Asht district. The new central hospital has a physiotherapy rooms, which are practiced various methods of treatment and rehabilitation. All branches are equipped with modern facilities.

Today Asht district is a modern city and jamoat. The population of the district is mainly Tajiks and Uzbeks. We know these people have long been hospitable people. And where there is the hospitality and kindness and goodwill.

The Tajik government and administration of the Asht district are very timely plans for the development and improvement of the future of the district. Living in the area is in full and confident step forward.

Contact the main state organs:

District Administration: phone 8_3453 22424
Prosecutors: 8_3453 21073
Court: 8_3453 22301
Military Commissariat:  8_3453 22260
Police:  8_3453 22956
Fire: 8_3453 22040
Hospital: 8_3453
Mail: 8_3453 21272
Amonat Bank (Sberbank): 630-64-40
Bank Agro:  8_3453 50 223, 22114, 21350,

Key indicators of Asht district:

Name in Tajik English Asht district
Name in native language Asht
The head of the district   Chairman
A country Tajikistan
Status Administrative region
Included in Sughd region
It includes 1-pos. mountains. type and 9 Jamoat.
Administrative center Shaidon
Date of formation September 29, 1926
official languages Tajik
Population (2015). 155 000
National composition Tajiks, Uzbeks
Confessional composition Sunni Muslims
Area 2.8 thousand sq. Km
Timezone UTC + 5
Abbreviation TR
Code ISO 3166-2 TJ.SO.AS
Coordinates 40 ° 38’15 “with. w. 70 ° 29’14 “a. d
Etnohronim Ashti
Height above sea level (in action) 450 – 1 700
Zip codes 735790
Internet domain .tj
Code of car numbers 2
Telephone code (+992) 3453
The total land area (ha) 279 001
Irrigated land (ha)
Rainfed land (ha) 36 350
Arable land (ha) 242651
Gardens (ha) 13326
Vineyards (ha) 12837
Mulberry (ha) 1421
Meadows (ha) 320
Citrus (ha) 25
The area under the seedlings (ha) 17
Abandoned (ha) 0.2
Pastures (ha) 3123
Agricultural lands 135037
Buildings 2108
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind) 744


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