Clinic Asan in Dushanbe – Tajikistan

The Asan Clinic is a private medical institution located in 112 microdistricts of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. She is specialized in diagnosis and counseling a number of diseases including:

  1. Cardiovascular;
  2. Therapeutic;
  3. Ocular – ophthalmic;
  4. Nervous;
  5. Female and Male (Gynecological);

клиника асан душанбе

The direct services are:

  1. Diagnosis of vision;
  2. Microsurgery of the eyes;
  3. ECG – Electrocardiography;
  4. Laboratory;
  5. Ultrasound is a highly informative and absolutely safe method for diagnosis of pelvic organs;
  6. Colposcopy – a diagnostic examination of the entrance to the vagina, the walls of the vagina and the vaginal part of the cervix with a colposcope;
  7. Acupuncture;
  8. Physiotherapy;
  9. Massage;

Prices alas, unlike ordinary state clinics in Dushanbe, are much higher. For example, the consultation of a pediatrician costs 50-70 somoni for 1 – an examination, but the consultation of a geneologist is about 70-90 somoni. Such services in other government clinics and hospitals in Dushanbe cost about 10-15 somoni. This means that the Asan clinic provides its services in the order of 3-5 times more expensive. But the quality of services is also in order better than some clinics in Dushanbe. This is because in the Asan clinic there are selective doctors – professionals.

Unfortunately, they are not a hospital and accordingly do not provide beds to permanently treat patients.

Working time of the clinic:

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16 hours;
Saturday and Sunday they have weekends.

Адрес и контакты:

Город Душанбе, Бободжона Гаффурова, 10/3.
Телефон: (+992) 44-600-35-53,  44600-3560. Это NGN номера.
Вебсайт: не имеется

Электронная почта: 

Road map

Consultation of highly qualified specialists in the field of otolaryngology (ENT). Consultations will be conducted by:

Dr. Ajay Singhal (Delhi, India)

Dr. Sharad Maheshwari (Delhi, India)

Over the past 2 years, the clinic has been conducting the following operations, using the latest equipment:

  1. Laser tonsillectomy
  2.  Functional.
  3. Endoscopic sinus surgery
  4. Endoscopic Turbinoplasty
  5. Endoscopic septoplasty
  6. Tympanoplasty
  7. Stapedectomy
  8. Removal of adenoids
  9. Rhinoplasty
  10. Plastika nasal septum