All about web development pricing – find the optimal solution for your project creation

Websites and applications development is on a high demand nowadays. The digital world is growing and new projects are permanently created. That is why all business representatives aspire to find the most suitable variant for their goals. When the concept and idea of future projects are ready, it is high time to choose the specialist or the team of developers to perform a task.

And another question arises – how to select a professional or a group of like-minded people at once. It will be optimal to settle on the reliable specialists who will not ask an exorbitant price for their work. Here are some helpful tips and useful information related to web development costs. You are able to see unbiased findings collected by CodeSushi team. All hard evidence was taken from the experience only!

Website development rates – the possibilities to take into account

It is necessary to start with all available variants for willing client who aspires to order the service of site development. It is possible to hire one or two specialists yourself on the freelance platforms or to appeal to the out-staffing company. Additionally, all clients have an opportunity to ask for the developers’ contacts using their connections.

So it is worth noting that there are two key possibilities to unlock a goal in terms of website development:

  • to find a freelancer and narrow down the web developer price for his work at the very beginning;
  • to ask for specialists the reliable our-staffing organization with base price schedule the company offers;
  • to count on the direct hiring – the service web development companies provide clients with.

Each variant has own peculiarities to take into account. If the main aim to save money on the web development process, you could stop reading this article right now. For sure, you would like the freelancers’ team of developers with low costs. But if the principle goal is to face the matter out and get the high-grade result, let’s compare all possibilities that may apply. Various permutations should be put on the table, because different consumers have absolutely different opportunities, resources, time budget, and money supplies.

Freelance website developer – rates, risks, strong and weak spots to take note of

The most attractive aspect of cooperation with freelancers is the low rates. It is possible to find specialist at an hourly price of 15 dollars. But there always the pitfalls that should be brought to notice. For example, it is not rational to hire a team of freelancers or only one specialist, if you could not narrow down the volume of work to be done.

Another problem that could arise is the run-on time. It happens because the team consists of a couple of freelancers who are responsible for different tasks. For clarity, let’s take a look at the situation – a consumer has hired 2 specialists:

  • front-end developer;
  • back-end developer for API-programming.

Front-end specialist is waiting for the output of work of the back-end expert. The time is wasting because the post-sync between two developers is impossible. It’s all about the back-end developer and his hold-up. And the various rhythms of web development are absolutely normal for different experts the client hire because they have never run together. So, obviously, that tandem of back-end and front-end devs will be not proactive from the very beginning. And the overlong duration is not the only disadvantage of cooperation with freelancers.

The owner of the project has to manage all the working process and run QA audit himself. It should be mentioned that a lot of time is spent for the process control and project management. We know that time is money, so the rates could turn up far from budget friendly. Just add to the total sum of your own hourly charge and count all the expenses. Freelancers that are paid 15 dollars for an hour of their work and the consumer’s100 dollars per-hour rate will form the blended rate equals to 45 dollars hourly.

So if a project owner knows the value of his time, he will not bank on the low costs freelancers offer. Moreover, if in perspective the consumer has to exercise the function of QA expert and project manager. An added reason against freelancers is the aspiration of such category of specialists to extend the term of cooperation as much as possible. It is not in the interests of freelancers to offer some ready solutions – it is more profitable to discover the continents again.

One more risk of cooperation with the developers-individuals is the high-level “paytriotism”. It means that freelancers would always select the most profitable paycheck. The consumer is waiting for the website development results, while the specialist labors at new project with better income. If you are ready to wait for a week, month or even more, so hire specialists on the freelance platforms and stop to be torn between other variants.

The real example of cooperation with freelancers

Our company provides a qualitative range of services related to the website development. But our staff often faces with the results of freelancers’ work. For example, one of our projects was devoted to the profitable real estate investments. This startup included the check-out page design developed by one freelancer. The concept statement was taken from the simple e-commerce site and the concept was not suitable at all.

Our team faced with the irrational solutions implemented. SAAS did not implicated sales tax and newsletter that were available. We saw the problem timely and the consumer did not get the conversion equals to zero percent (0%) because of the inappropriate website development solutions done by inexperienced freelancer. So we advise do not risk with your reputation and the project conversion for purposes of saving money.

Pros and cons of fixed-budget projects

One more aspect to take into account – cooperation with the consumer based on the agreement with fixed budget. Both the client and developers could lose everything, if the project was estimated incorrectly. The overtime period is growing and the digital product handover is put on the long finger. So fixed budget concept of cooperation could cause new problems in case of wrong scope provided and undeterminable risks.

On the basis of the budget-fixed cooperation and freelance hiring, it is possible to choose from a big variety of developers with different hourly rate that will form the final project creation average cost. To develop a website, it is necessary to take a look at all the available possibilities. If freelancers could ask for the low rates in terms of 15 dollars per hour, other individual specialists offer bigger costs per hour. Let’s see the peculiarities of each cooperation with various web development representatives:

  1. Hourly rate equals to 65 dollars – this category of developers copes with tasks like the freelancers with 15-dollars cost per hour. The main difference is the additional reasons for the higher rate. It could be some licenses, fees, reputation and their own criteria in terms of responsibility, deadline management, etc. You must admit that everything should be paid, even if the topic is about the sense of mission the expert has.  And it does not mean that the hired specialist with 65-dollars rate will take more volume of work that the lowly-paid staff.
  2. Hourly rate equals to 25 dollars – the employees who are provided by the agencies; the consumer has no guarantees to bank on. The unfortunate situation might happen when the project was started and was not finished because the developer had just dropped from the radar. New risks but extremely low costs. The choice lies with you.
  3. Hourly rate equals to 45 dollars – this category of web developers usually resides in the countries of Eastern Europe. Here are more safeguards for cooperation organization. It is possible to make a point with the help of judgment proceedings. But another problem arises – there is no opportunity to pay for the web development services with cash. Take the note of this aspect.

It makes sense to take a look at the peculiarities of cooperation with out-staffing organizations in general to see the weak spots and advantages all in one. The main idea is that out-staffing companies are suitable only for those project owners who have the full-time project manager to count on. Namely, this specialist is able to decide how many devs the client needs to hire.

Out-staffing companies – all about rates and opportunities to bank on  

Speaking about the advantages of such kind of cooperation and staff hiring, it is worth noting – all out-staffing companies provide clients with the precise amount of specialists for web development tasks execution. For example, the owner of the website asks his project manager to count up how many back-end and front-end developers should be hired. The consumer got the reporting with actual numbers:

  • 2 front-end experts;
  • 3 back-end specialists.

In such case, it is rational to enquire with the out-staffing company and ask for 5 devs. But each organization has its own rules and guarantees. Let’s have a closer look at some peculiarities. All out-staffing companies have own rates. For example, organizations with hourly cost in 65 dollars. Such companies usually have the legal body in the USA. If there are some pretensions, it is possible to fill the special form and run the legal wrangling.

Another form of cooperation is to hire staff in the hybrid companies with lower rates in comparison with the local ones. This category of organizations has the USA legal representatives, the responsibility and reputation risks. But more and more consumers prefer to bank on the professionalism of local out-staffing companies. The rates will be higher and will equal to 100-120 dollars per hour. Someone could try a chance to cooperate with organization with fixed rates in 90 dollars. Such companies are usually located in the following USA states:

  • Minnesota;
  • Utah;
  • Idaho;
  • South and North Carolina;

Just imagine a group of like-minded people that aspires to develop websites together. This is just this case. More expensive range of services is performed by the out-staffing companies in New-York, Seattle, Los-Angeles. Here the hourly rate will be 150-160 dollars. The most high-cost service is presented by San-Francisco organizations – be ready to pay 240-260 dollars per hour of specialists’ work.

Some tips for web development costs calculations

You can use the online service to know the average rates of the project development. Open the feedback category and find the contract sums paired with the project development duration. For example, we found the contract equals to 250 thousand dollars. The duration of the development process is 6 months. To count up the average costs, it is necessary to divide the sum paid by the fixed hourly rate.

Do not forget to subtract 20 % of the amount received because the bidding took place for sure. You are able to get the information about how many developers were hired. The project scale could be got the same way too.

Direct hiring vs. Out-staffing

One more anecdotal evidence is that local companies with direct hiring are more expensive that the out-staffing ones. People think that they spend more money to hire local specialists. It is necessary to take a look at all peculiarities before making some conclusions.

As regards out-staffing as a profitable solution, it is worth noting the price formation aspects of the companies of such segment. By means of examples of out-staffing organizations Robert Half or Creative Circle, it is possible to see the rates offered to developers yearly. React JS Developer could bank on hourly cost in 60 dollars. The client is able to hire such specialists. But besides the fixed hourly be ready to pay:

  • extra costs for experts’ searching;
  • a fixed sum the agency calls for (for the employment contract and all the service range);
  • administrative fees;
  • staffing agency margin, etc.

Moreover, the out-staffing companies determine the terms of cooperation. If your project could be done in 2 months, the regulations of the organization you have enquired with gave the timetable in terms of 3 months. So it is necessary to pay the off-booking employment for 90 days. Additionally, the out-staffing agencies have the fixed margin for any contract to let. The recruiting costs could be the same, speaking about 3-months and 6-months agreements, but the margin might vary.

It is high time to open up over direct hiring process. Considered all nowadays offers, the direct hiring companies offset 22 % of the yearly developers’ salaries. To know the sums devs get annually is possible with the help of Comparably platform. You are able to take a look at the rates according to the specialists’ positions. The average reliable and experience Junior developer draws a salary equals to 90 thousand dollars.

As an intermediary solution, the e-recruiter websites could be considered. It is possible to find an expert-individual on the modern online employment market. Be ready to pay about 50 dollars per hour paired with the fixed fee the platform has. The most popular employment market is Upwork that is available both in the USA and abroad as well. Take into account that only the consumer is responsible for the project development results and the quality of the work done.

The objective conclusions to be done

Let’s draw a parallel and imagine that web development is a constructional activity. You have many options to consider every time. First, you could buy or borrow a hammer and do all the work alone. Second, you are able to hire a specialist with hammer and hand out him an assignment. Thirdly, you have an opportunity to ask for help from a man who had an experience in housebuilding because he had already built 2 houses!

And the last variant you would like for sure – to find an excellent specialist who had made a great stride to build 10 houses for the last 2 years. It does not matter which tools this builder uses for tasks implementation. Moreover, this man came and declared: “If you choose the hammer, the work will last 10 days. Using other tools, everything will be done faster. I can cope with this task!”. And you understand that you succeed to find the real specialist with a real knowledgebase. And this man will do everything perfectly, without control and recommendations.

We are a company that is ready to provide the complex approach paired with experienced staff and rational rates. We do not aspire to make project development rates as long as possible to earn more money. The main aim of our company is to gain time and accommodate the load well-minded.

So if you are searching for the multifaceted approach and reliable company to deal with, we are ready to help. Wean off the need of sourcing, necessity of extra time and money wasting for the code reading. Our deployment methods will meet your expectations.


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