Head Office Agroinvestbank

Head Office Agroinvestbank

“Agroinvestbank” is the largest bank in Tajikistan has more than 120 structural subdivisions all over the country, including 62 branches that employ 2.6 thousand. Workers. The Bank is a universal and equity plays a special role in the country’s economy through the implementation of major projects.
Agroinvestbank has correspondent relations largest banks in the world with 15 money transfer systems. The Bank annually gives out loans amounting to 200 million Bole. $ In various sectors of the economy.

Agroinvestbank shareholders are: the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (51%), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (10 million. $) And other citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan and a total of more than a thousand people.

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The bank’s clients there are hundreds of thousands of people from within the country and outside Tajikistan. The Bank provides a variety of products: such as credit, deposits, remittances, credit cards, internet banking, payment transactions, and others.

So please be advised that the use of a variety of products of our bank for you it’s just a convenient, fast and affordable.

Agroinvestbank Contacts:

The Republic of Tajikistan
734,018, the city of Dushanbe,
Prospect Sherozi Saadi, 21
Tel .: (+992 44) 6006868, 6005306, 6005307
Fax: (992 37) 236-51-66
Telex: 201131 SLAVA TJ;
Telex: 612 643 AGB RU;

Agroinvestbank history:

February 14, 1992 on the basis of agro-Tajik Joint Stock Commercial Bank “AgropromBank” of the USSR was formed Tajik Republican Joint Stock Commercial Agroindustrial Bank. At the founding conference of February 22, 1992 the Bank was reorganized into Joint Stock Commercial Agroindustrial Bank “Shark” (AK APB “Shark”).

13th November 1997, the transformation of AK APB “Shark” in the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Agriculture Investment (AK FBAR “Agroinvestbank”). After 5 years, 30 March 2002 reorganized into Open Joint Stock Company “Agroinvestbank”.

The end of 2003 JSC “Agroinvestbank” completed implementation of measures aimed at structural reorganization and financial restructuring of the bank. From the composition of JSC “Agroinvestbank” to January 1, 2004 was allocated one of its constituent parts, specializing in pre-export loans cotton farms at the expense of foreign investments (CJSC “Credit Invest”).

Руководители Агроинвестбанка за историю

August 12, 2009 an agreement was signed between JSC “Agroinvestbank” and “European Bank for Reconstruction and Development” on joining the Bank in the share capital of the Bank with a volume of 11.5 million. US dollars. Same way the EBRD acquired 25% + 1 share of the Bank. The entry to the authorized capital of JSC “Agroinvestbank”.

Because of the 37 largest problem loans Agroinvestbank in early 2013 was 500 million. Somoni was issued securities (8 years) for repayment of these loans and 200 million. Somoni was sent to the state to enter into the share capital of the bank as a founder . Accordingly, the state’s share in the bank amounted to more than 51%, and “Agroinvestbank” came under the temporary control of the government that today members of the Bank are mainly representatives of state bodies.

Contacts and addresses of branches Agroinvestbank:
Name of Division

Head Office, st.. S. Sherozi, 21 (44) 600-68-68, (44) 600-53-06, (44) 600-53-07
Branch near Shohmansur Rudaki ave., 1A. (44) 600-53-30, (44) 600-53-33
The branch in Mahalla Shohmansur Street. Behzod, 2 (44) 600-53-38, (37) 221-31-90
Branch in Somoni district Street. Pushkin, 40/1 (44) 600-56-80, (37) 221-11-80
Branch in Firdavsi Street. N.Karabaeva, 118 (44) 600-53-46, (37) 231-85-47
Branch in Sino district Street. J. Rasulov, 10 (44) 600-51-80, (37) 233-05-72

Branch in the Varzob district- Varzob village. Varzob Street. Lenin 5
Branch office in Wahdat – Vahdat, st. Tugdona 31
Branch office in Hissar district – the city of Hissar, ul. F.Abdulloeva 25
Branch office in Hissar district “Ilhom” -r. Hissar, ul. A.Yusufi 10
The branch in Rudaki district – the village. Somoniyon Street. Turdieva 17
Branch office in Tursunzade- Street. Khairulloev, 32/143
Branch in Shahrinav district, pos. Shakhrinav Street. Gorky
The branch in Rasht district of Garm, st. Usmonov, 9
Dzhirgatol branch near the village. Dzhirgatol Street. Somoniyon 38
Nurabad Branch in the area of ​​Darband Street. R. Rozykova
Branch office in Rogun, the Rogun Street. Dzhavonon 7
Tojikobod District Branch in the village. Tojikobod Street. I.Somoni 7
Branch office in Faizabad district of Faizabad, st. I.Somoni 53

Badakhshan (Pamir)

Branch in Khorog Khorog, st. Lenin, 51 (3522) 2-40-53
Branch in Vanj village. Vanj Street. Lenin, 10 (3551) 02.12.38
Darvozskom Branch in the area of the village. Kalaikhum Street. Lenin, 16 (3555) 2-13-05
Darvozskom Branch in the area of the village. Sagirdasht (3552-15) 1-71
Branch in Ishkashim village. Ishkoshim Street. N.Rahmoni, 2 (3522) 2-13-72
Branch in Rushan district of the village. Rushan Street. Lenin, 16 (3522) 02.11.78
Branch in Roshtkala village. Meudon Street. Javoni (3555) 2-11-91
Branch office in Murghab village. Murghab, st. Lenin, 15 Phone: (3554) 08.21.11

Sogd (Leninabad):

Branch office in Khujand Street. Firdavsi, 118 (630-67-88)
Branch office in Khujand Street. Shark, 84 (4-51-43, 630-67-11)
The branch in the district. Aini village Aini Street. Lenin, 2 (48 7014 544)
The branch in the district. Maschah, Mr. To. Buston Str. I.Somoni 15A
The branch in the district. Ganci, Mr. To. Ganci Street. I.Somoni 8
Branch office in B. Gafurov str. K. Hadzhandi 50A
The branch in the district. Zafarabad, Mr. To. Zafarabad Street. Rudaki, 8
Branch office in Istaravshan Street. Mirradzhbova 18
The branch in Isfara Street. Lenina, 22/1
Branch office in Kanibadam Street. Lenin, 129
The branch in the district. Spitamen, Mr. To. Navul. Lenin, 42
Panjakent branch in Rudaki ave., 102
The branch in the district. J. Rasulov Str. Lenin, 13
The branch in the district. Shahristan Street. Istravshan 29A
The branch in the district. Asht, Mr. To. Shaidan Street. I.Somoni 4

KHATLON (Kulyab and Kurgan Tube):
Kurgan-Tube, Kurgan-Tube, st. Vahdat, 25 A (3222) 2-71-00
Vakhsh district of the village. Vakhsh, st. Lenin, 42 (3246) 2-32-17
Dangara Dangara district of st. Lenin, 25 (3312) 02.11.56
Jilikul near the settlement. Jilikul Street. Karimov, 1 (3248) 2-10-03
Kumsangir near the settlement. Dusty Street. Theatre, 31 (3249) 4-27-72
Bohtar near the settlement. Somoni str. Gagarin, 13 (3245) 2-13-53
Kabadiyan near the settlement. Kabadiyan Street. Lenin, 78 (3251) 2-13-09
Kolkhozabad near the settlement. S. Isoeva Street. Tutalan, 4 (3247) 4-25-52
Jomi village. Kuibyshev Street. Shoymardonova, 2 (3243) 2-34-18
Khuroson village. Obikiik Street. Sovetskaya, 3 (3242) 2-16-42
Pandzhskom near Panj Street. Lenin, 44 (3252) 2-39-12
Shaartuz village. Shahritus Street. Lenin, 26 (3240) 2-14-87
The Java district of Yavan Street. Lenin, 36 (47) 449-00-10, (47) 449-00-08
Kulyab Kulyab Street. Huvaydulloeva, 45 (3322) 2-52-67
Vose village. Vose Street. Lenin, 41 (3311) 2-25-34, 918-63-14-40
Muminabad near the settlement. Leningrad Street. A.Davlatova, 34 (3318) 2-20-25,
Hamadoni village. Ul. Sverdlov, 5 (3315) 2-22-03, 93-583-86-18
Temurmalik near the settlement. Soviet Street. Firdavsi, 1 (3314) 2-12-56,
Farhor near the settlement. Farhor Street. Lenin, 46 (3316) 2-22-60,
Khovaling village. Hovaling Street. Vose, 14 (3317) 02.03.24
Shurobod area Shurobod District (3319) 02.11.66

Photos of employees and branches Agroinvestbonk:
Girls of Agroinvestbank

Girls of Agroinvestbank

Flag Agroinvestbank

Flag Agroinvestbank

The garden and fountain Agroinvestbank

The garden and fountain Agroinvestbank


Building Branch Istravshan

Building Branch Istravshan