AGENCY.TJ  is a registered extension Services provider. The organization is specialized in providing high quality Business development Services. A team of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the organization provides the delivery of services.

Our Vision

To be the preferred agribusiness extension service provider to both our clients and customers

Our Mission

To provide high quality consultancy, training and capacity building services to agribusiness clients and customers in the Agribusiness value chains

Our Values

  • To conduct our business with integrity, fairness and honesty.
  • To consistently maintain a commitment to excellence with a primary goal to serve the corporate client and individual customers with programs that demonstrates our capabilities, responsiveness and resourcefulness.
  • To strive to attract, develop and retain top quality employees and service personnel.

Our strengths

  • Strong ability to identify and analyze project needs related to facility size, planning and scheduling.
  • Proven to maintain high standards of quality and strict attention to detail.
  • Develop, facilitate positive, and productive relationships at all levels of clients.
  • Highly resourceful and knowledgeable personnel and consultants with the ability to effectively deliver benefits.
  • Ability to achieve objectives and deadlines in ever-changing and challenging environments.
  • Excellent communication and report writing skills.
  • Team building and good leadership skills.
  • Recognized by industry stakeholders, partners and clients for achieving planned results

Our services

AGENCY.TJ Provides the following services to its clients

  • Education and training
  • Consultancy
  • Advisory
  • Demonstrations on technologies and applicable skills
  • Facilitating market and financial linkages
  • AGENCY.TJ targets co-operative societies, self help groups, individuals, companies, NGO’s, CBO’s, financial institution and government departments.

We have been able to serve with great success, the following:-

  • Xxxxxxxx 

Networking and Linkage

  •   AGENCY.TJ has a well-established network and linkages with national bodies.

 Our collaborating partners include

  • Tajikistan Dairy Board.
  • Xxxx
  • Xxxx 


  • Our strength as a service provide is based on our abilities, resources, linkages and flexibility. Therefore we believe we have all it takes to provide the required services.
  • Our projects are conducted on a [cost plus basis].
  • In the areas mentioned above, the main objective has been to increase performance quality and quantity through improving efficiencies in production activities and marketing linkages to increase incomes. This is achieved through capacity building.
  • AGENCY.TJ has well-trained and qualified staff carrying a wealth of experience from the dairy industry, training institutions and consultancy firms with both local and international exposure.
  • The hand’s on experience and ability to transfer knowledge and skills is a key factor in ensuring that AGENCY.TJ has the best personnel in conducting and running our training programs.
  • In addition to the above, the staff has the following credentials
  • - Computer literate
  • - Experience in community mobilization and training.
  • - Self motivated
  • - Excellent communication skills
  • - Team cohesiveness and good leadership skills


The Personnel

Staff short bios


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