A summary information about the LLC company “Charm”

Page 3. A summary information about the LLC company “Charm”

Our company produces leather and various types of shoes — military, special working, male and female footwear. In addition, we manufacture to order various kinds of leather footwear and make its according to individual design.

Our company cooperates with world leaders in the production of elegant footwear – with Turkey and China, where the equipment for our production comes from. Our employees regularly undergo internship abroad at the best leather and footwear companies.

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Our company has a full production cycle – from primary processing of leather to the release of finished shoes and original packaging for it. The raw materials come from local manufacturers and are processed using the latest technologies for leather dressing, which guarantees high quality of the material, which has been appreciated more than once at international competitions. We can process the skin, from 0.4 to 5 mm thick, and give it the desired color and other demanded properties.

We have established the production of special soles adapted to various climatic and geographical conditions, so our shoes retain their functionality for a long time.

We make high-quality footwear of modern models, competitive in the world market. Our products are in demand not only domestically, but also abroad.



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