Who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Who will become the World Cup 2018? This very mystical question is interesting to half of the world’s population especially those who make bets on bookmakers which is very important because their winnings depend on the finalists.
Each specialist or group of people has his own views on the forecast for the determination of the world champion in football in 2018 and almost many are obsessed with 6 leading teams including Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain, France and Portugal.
The world usually correctly guess about 50% of the results of the World Cup and this depends on several factors including:

Чемпионат мира 2018 по футболу

  1. Previously received ratings of a team based on the results of football at both the world level and the continent (FIFA, UEFA, AFC, etc.);
  2. Rates in betting shops where the prevailing situation is determined by the mass view at the global level;
  3. The power of the team, which depends on the amount of the rating-balls of each football player and the team as a whole. It also includes team discipline, organization, education, player age, experience, growth, team play and many other key indicators;
  4. Different rumors among certain circles that refer to the words of sorcerers or people with gins;
  5. The outcome of the football game in the World Cup is predetermined by influential persons.
  6. Belief in this or that team relying on the support of the ruler or other spirits;
  7. On the state of the weather, which can significantly affect the game of players. Vedas need to be taken into account that football players living on hot continents can strongly feel the cold if the World Cup is held in cold continents and vice versa.
  8. Moral and physical condition of the team;
  9. The words of great politicians;
  10.  Various and other factors.

Who will win the 2018 World Cup?  Considering the aforementioned factors, the world champion in football (in the first place) most likely should be the German team for the reasons that they have a lot of rating players and this factor greatly influences the organization of the team game in football both at the championship level and in the any scales.

In second place, according to forecasts, the majority of audiences in the 2018 mundiale should be Argentina, and in third place Brazil. Although this is just a guess and the final destiny can become even clearer and more variable as many factors will change in content as the final convergence approaches.
As far as the people remember in the World Cup in Football in 2014, which was held in Brazil, many believed that the champion would be Brazil itself, but before the final, most of its players broke up and could not participate in the last fight with Germany that served them as an incredible defeat with a score of 7: 1 in the benefit of Germany. This shame and statistics FIFA once visited. Therefore, although up to 50% accurately guess the result is almost unrealistic.

Still there is one little-known factor that sometimes suddenly appears and everyone takes it by surprise or surprises with its not very understandable character. This usually happens in the World Cup and is initiated by the country in which the World Cup is held. In other words: The champion is more often the country in which the World Cup is held, and this year the Russian world champion is a great chance, and this was already visible in the results of the first day of the match with a score of 5-0 in the game between the Russian team and Saudi Arabia.
Why do you need to determine the result in advance?

Everything is covered by the “Championship of the winner of the 2018 World Cup” in bookmakers and this is peculiar to many fans of football, and some just want to make money on this event.