Massage in Dushanbe – Telephone numbers

Last years massage in the city of Dushanbe is gaining popularity and popularity among the population of Tajikistan, and this industry is developing taking into account various factors, among which are:

  1. Develop understanding of the public about the usefulness of massage for health;
  2. Growing demand for foreign visitors to massage services in Dushanbe and other cities of Tajikistan;
  3. Massage as a method of providing intimate – sex services;
  4. Deterioration of health of the population of Dushanbe and other cities with growth of workplaces which are more often used by computers that requires long sitting conditions and call of joint and vertebral diseases;
  5. Recommendations of doctors for taking a massage as an advisory character, and deliberately (in collusion with masseuses) and other factors;


It is worth noting that massage in the city of Dushanbe is provided by the organizations of which are called salons or aesthetic centers among the most famous are:

  1. SPA-HAYAT – Lux massage;
  2. Promoitalia – Anti-aging;
  3. Jasmine (Yosuman) – aesthetic center;
  4. Massage salon VIP
  5. Salon “Almos”.

The lion’s share of the massage of this market is provided mainly in private homes and most of them are provided by girls who are between the ages of 24-35. The cost of massage varies depending on the species from 50 somoni to 200 somoni and more for each astronomical hour (60 minutes).

Often seen advertising masseuses in advertising sites and they are constantly updated. The most popular types of massage in Dushanbe are the following:

  1. Massage for children 20-30% of the market;
  2. Relaxing massage (including erotic massage) whose price is more than 150 somoni and reaches up to $ 100 per hour);
  3. Wellness massage for adults.

Recently, men in the market began to do massage for girls and therefore such services speak about the demand for such services among women.


  1. A girl named DilfidoTelephones: 90-009-85-11. Young professional masseuse, general, sultan-massage, relaxation, jars;
    Masseuse of Nasib. Provides a relaxing massage. Phone: 90-082-07-87, 90-082-07-57;
  2. Jasmine masseuse. Telephones: 904-23-78-28, 918-94-76-06. Professional masseuse;
  3. Masseuse named “Tali”. Phones: 92-884-64-96. Hello, I’m Russian and I speak only Russian Tajik I do not know! I provide 4 types of massage. Real experience is 7 years.There is a certificate of a masseur, she studied in Russia. I do massage only. services of an intimate nature do not. I do massage only sober visitors. Drunk in the reception will be denied. I take in my apartment 2-3 times a week from 10.00 to 23.00 the cost of massage starts from 300 somoni per hour and reaches 500 somoni per hour. Each massage has its own price. Details can be specified by phone. At me you can take a shower. For massage I use a cream without a smell, which is easily washed off. Also there are fresh clothes hygiene products and pleasant music for massage.
  4. A young girl does all kinds of massage including wellness. Call the numbers: 904-34-38-61;
  5. Nastia masseuse in Dushanbe on the territory of 82 microdistrict. Professional wellness, therapeutic massage from Russian masseuses, sauna, swimming pool, landmark: 82 md. Takes it at home.