Veterinary drugstore of Dushanbe city

In the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe eats several veterinary pharmacies that deal not only with selling drugs for animals (cats, cow dogs), birds, fish, bees, insects, and other living things, but also offer services for the care and treatment of animals. Also in them, besides medicines, injections and other medical preparations, there is food for a number of animals which can be bought at affordable prices.

Photo of pharmacies in Dushanbe (Doruhonai Baytori)

Photo of pharmacies in Dushanbe (Doruhonai Baytori)

These veterinary pharmacies of Dushanbe city are located along Saadi Shrozi street near Mumtoz (Orientir Textile Plant) restaurant.

Where else are pharmacies for animals in Tajikistan?

Similar veterinary pharmacies in some cities and regions of the country also exist which can be found in bazaars.

Map location:

Contacts – Phones

(+992) 904-07-85-85
(+992) 903-05-45-70
(+992) 907-60-41-45
(+992) 909-94-94-45
(+992) 90 754 39-09