Cochran Fellowship Program APPLICATION FORM

                                                             COCHRAN FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM

                                                                                  2018- 2019




                              ********* APPLICATION AND ATTACHMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH *********


q  2 Photographs

q  Photocopies of All International Travel Documents (Passport)

q  Signed Conditions of Training

q  Medical Clearance Documentation


Name: _Golib Zarif Safoev____        


(Please capitalize FAMILY NAME.

Name must correspond exactly

to passport or travel documents)


Date of Birth: _10  /  December /  1985__________        

(Day / Month / Year) e.g.,

City of Birth: ______Shahrinav___________________

Country of Birth:           Tajikistan______ 

Country of Citizenship:___ Tajikistan ___________            

Home Address:

__flat-10, _55/1_Sherozi___________________       

(# Street)


(Town or City)

_____Tajikistan, 734003_________________

(Country and Post Code)


___ Deputy  Director________________       

(Title or Position)


____OJSC “Orienbank”______       


__________Rudaki Avn.____________       

(# Street)


(Town or City)

__ Tajikistan, 734002____________________      

(Country and Post Code)

MALE           FEMALE

 __(+ 992)  238-10-60___________________

(Home Telephone)

_(+ 992)  918-658-550__________________

(Personal Mobile Telephone)


(Personal Email Address)

From: 25/ May  / 2005 To:  Present    

(Dates of Employment)

_____(+992 37) 233-25-69_________       

(Work Telephone)

_____(+992 37) 230-50-63__________       



(Work Mobile Telephone)


(Work Email Address)                                                                                 


  1. What technical subjects, topics, courses and/or fields do you want to study? (It is important to give a detailed description of the training you want.  USDA will use this information to design your training program in the United States.  Continue on back of page.)

Taking into account economical and political stabilization of the country, both government and private sector keep paying more and more attention to the sectors of agricultural industry. For this reason, development of gardening, vegetable growing, cattle breeding and poultry breeding are one the most important issues for Tajikistan today. The aforementioned agricultural sectors of Tajikistan have certain background, plenty of experience, and enough resources for their development (There are legal base, plenty of experience, and enough resources for development of the aforementioned agricultural sectors in Tajikistan). With regard to the forthcoming entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO), performance of business operations based on international best practice and experience of the developed countries has become the issue of immediate importance. In this respect, I am quite interested in the methods which contribute to the achievement of high profitability in these agricultural segments under the current market environment, technological, political and other conditions.

  1. B) S. Contacts Already Established:  Please list name, address, and telephone number of professionals in your field in the United States with whom you already have contact.  (Continue on back of page, if necessary):  NOT APPLICABLE
_____________________     Name 




_____________________     Company






_____________________     Name 




_____________________     Company











_____________________     Company






Indicate requested training date(s).

FROM               TO


First Choice                               01 /March  /2018           /     /_ _   


Second Choice                         any date (not important)     /     /   


DATES NOT AVAILABLE               /     /                /     /   

**NOTE:  Your first and second choice will be given primary consideration but cannot be guaranteed due to availability of U.S. contacts and trainers.

  1. EMPLOYMENT: (Start with current employment)

A) Dates of Employment

From: 25/May/2005 /      To:  Present      OJSC “Orienbank”                   Asadulozoda Hasan._________     

(Organization Name)                  (Supervisor’s Name)


Rudaki  Avanue                        (+992 44) 600-00-00    

(Number & Street)                      (Supervisor’s Telephone)


Title of Position:                                                Dushanbe________                   (+992 44) 600-62-62__

(Town or City)                            (Organization Telephone)

Deputy Director of Analytical

Department                                              _Tajikistan 734001 ____                       

(Country and Post Code)


Description of your place of employment and your duties and responsibilities:

(Continue on the back of the page if necessary.)

Holding the position of the bank manager in charge of data preparation and formulation of proposals for OJSC “Orienbank”, I regularly conduct deep analysis and provide well-reasoned proposals concerning the bank and business sectors of the country for the purpose of strategic decision making. More than half of agricultural industry of the country receives financing from our Bank. Therefore, extension of my knowledge has rather significant meaning for the bank management. Since I prepare recommendations upon request of the ministries and state agencies, it would be for their benefits as well. In the course of elaboration of reports and presentations, my primary intention is to provide comments and proposals concerning further investment in the most cost-effective sectors of the agricultural industry of the country. I am convinced that my research would encourage development of gardening and vegetable growing sectors, as well as contribute to performance of bank’s operations. Besides, I am personally engaged in the process of growing and export of agricultural crops (fruit and seedlings) in rural areas which serves the ground for development of our collaboration in the sphere of gardening.

B) Dates of Employment


From: 30 /May/2001  To:25 /May/2000    OJSC “Korkhonai Armaturi”    Mahmadulloev Kh.A.___     

(Organization Name)                  (Supervisor’s Name)


         2/1 Jomi street__             _+992  231-19-57   

(Number & Street)                      (Supervisor’s Telephone)


Title of Position:                                                ______Dushanbe_____ +992  231-32-81

(Town or City)                            (Organization Telephone)

Head of Marketing Department                          

___Tajikistan, 734060__                        

(Country and Post Code)


Description of your place of employment and your duties and responsibilities:

(Continue on the back of the page if necessary.)


Realization and marketing of goods manufactured by enterprise within domestic market, and also in foreign markets such as Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Central Asia countries. At the same time, to purchase raw materials for manufacturing.

- 4 -



  1. A) Academic


Name of Institution Field of Study Dates Attended Degree & Date Completed Language of Instruction
Tajik State National University World economy  1996-2000 5-year diploma Tajik and Russian



  1. B) Training: (List additional training in home country.)


Field of Study


Language/Place of Instruction
Macroeconomics 2008 Russian and Tajik
Experiences of developed countries in the field of horticulture 2010 Russian


  1. C) Additional Training in Other Countries: NOT APPLICABLE


Field of Study Dates Language of Instruction Country


Awards, Honors, Scholarships Received, Publications, Professional Memberships:




(Please indicate ENGLISH capabilities in first line, additional languages on remaining lines)



English Conversation Reading Writing
Little to none
Understands some but will need interpreter
Adequate English skills
Good English
Other Languages
Describe your skill level
Russian Fluent Fluent Fluent
Tajik Fluent Fluent Fluent




- 5 -








How will your employer use your training when you return from the United States?


I hold a position of analyst in OJSC “Orienbank” which is the top rank bank in Tajikistan with the banking service market share fluctuating from 25 to 30 %. Previously I worked as loan officer and headed the department for monitoring of credit exposures and active banking transactions. At present, I held the post of the head of the division responsible for preparation of analytical reports and elaboration of strategic proposals for the Bank’s management. My reports provide evaluation of qualitative and quantitative bank parameters; moreover, they include proposals which led to the optimal solutions facilitating business operations, and also encompass further actions to be taken to regulate capital flow in the economy of the country, including agricultural industry.






Alisher            ___         ___________________               _____________________________________

(Name)                                                                           (Home Telephone)


Relationship:  Brother___________________                    (+992) 907 22-336___________________

(Mobile Telephone)


10, Sadovaya__________________________                 alisher@mail.ru____________________

(# Street)                                                                         (Email Address)


Shahrinav district_______________________

(City or Town)


Tajikistan, 735020________________________                                 

(Country and Post Code)





Please include with your application the following attachments:

1.)        2 passport photographs

2.)        2 letters of recommendation

  • Signed Conditions of Training
  • 1 photocopy of International Passport



                                                                                  – 6 -


(Please have your supervisor complete the following questions.  Provide an English translation if necessary.)


  1. A) What do you want the applicant to learn while in the United States for training?

As far as Golib Safarov is a Deputy Director of Analytical Department in charge of reviewing and developing overall strategy of OJSC “Orienbank”, it would be extremely useful for him to be acquainted with the best agricultural financing experience. This is important because the Bank has largest exposure in Tajikistan in agricultural sector, and in order to minimize risks of its activity a careful screening process of potential loan applications is vital. Moreover, taking into account joint efforts of both the Bank and Government of Tajikistan to ensure food security for the country, we are interested if our highly qualified specialists could learn US experience in this area. By food security we mean not only self-sufficiency in terms of agricultural products but also further processing and marketing technology as well. Of course productivity in agricultural sector is another matter that we would like Murodov Anvarjon could explore in US, how to utilize rationally water resources, combat pests, import modern machinery for mowing, growing, harvesting , etc.                                                                           


  1. B) How will the applicant’s training be used by the organization when he/she returns from the United States?

After successful completion of the program the knowledge and experience of  Golib Safarov will be utilized to develop recommendation on how to invest efficiently in agricultural sector and thus to increase our income, diversify loan portfolio in various sub sectors of agriculture, formulation of new lending mechanisms relevant to rural farmers, and conduct training for branch managers on best international agricultural business practice. In addition, Golib Safarov will participate at negotiations with main stakeholders (government agencies, donors, NGO, farms, and micro-finance institutions) to convince them to increase financing in particular agricultural sectors                                                                                                                                                                 .

Thank you.






Golib Safarov  



__01/ August/ 2018___________  




- 7 -








Name of Participant_____Golib safarov_____________            

(FAMILY NAME, Given name, Other names)



Country __Tajikistan_______________                        



If I am accepted to receive technical training under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Cochran Fellowship Program, I agree to adhere to my arranged program, to devote my time and attention to my studies and/or practical training, and to conform to Cochran Program regulations and procedures for the duration of my training program.  I will not seek extension of the period of my program but will return to my country without delay upon completion of my training acquired under this program.  I also agree to conform to all laws of the United States.


Furthermore, I thoroughly understand the following policies of the Cochran Fellowship Program:


  1. Dependents:


USDA strongly discourages family members from accompanying or joining a participant while he/she is in training.  The Cochran Program is not responsible in any way for family members.


  1. Attendance of Participants at Conferences and Meetings


Attendance of participants at national or international conferences, conventions or meetings of professional, trade, or other associations is not permitted unless such attendance is a part of the Cochran participant training program.



III.         Conditions for Termination of Training Programs:


USDA reserves the right to terminate the training program of those participants who:


  1. Change the course of study without authorization from the USDA/Cochran Fellowship Program.
  2. Fail to show sufficient interest in or to pursue effectively their training program.
  3. Have severe mental or physical health problems.
  4. Conduct themselves in a manner prejudicial to the program or to the laws of the United States.
  5. Marry during training without securing prior USDA approval.
  6. Have in any way falsified information on the application and/or supporting documents.










- 8 -





  1. Travel:


If selected, the applicant, their institution, or other sponsor assumes financial responsibility for travel to and from Washington, D.C. or their specified arrival/departure site.


  1. Financial Support:


The applicant is aware that the financial support provided by the USDA Cochran Program is for training fees, emergency medical insurance, lodging and food only.  The daily maintenance allowance is adequate for modest lodging and food.  USDA does not fund any expenses related to family members accompanying the participant.


  1. Health and Insurance:


It is a requirement before arrival in the United States that every participant has a physical examination and be determined to be in good health.  Proof of medical fitness (a signed letter from a medical doctor within 12 months of the program start date) is required before you will be allowed to travel to the United States as a Cochran Fellow.  The insurance provided to the participant while in the United States will cover only EMERGENCY medical care and DOES NOT cover pre-existing conditions, prescriptions, dental or optical work.  In addition, the participant may be responsible for paying the first $50 in medical expenses for each occurrence.  I understand that USDA and its training providers are not responsible for any costs related to medical care while in the United States.


VII.       Debts and Obligations:


The participant will be responsible for all debts and financial obligations incurred while in the United States.






Signature below indicates agreement to and understanding of the above conditions.





__________________________________________________  ___________________

Applicant’s Signature                                                                       Date