Tours in Tajikistan: Best places, prices and options!

Want to visit Tajikistan as a tourist and look for a unique tour to mountainous Tajikistan, but do not know exactly whether to visit this country? In this matter, as a true tourist who was in Tajikistan, I write this article and recommend when and which places are better to visit in Tajikistan.

In this article, you will learn the real facts where specific objects are described with descriptions of quality and prices. Here you will not read much water as described in other sites. Everything is essentially and most relevant information !!

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Why go to Tajikistan – than it is unique and priceless?

10 reasons: Tajikistan is a small mountainous country where polite and beautiful people live with beautiful clothes, delicious cuisine, with unique traditions in an incredibly unique nature. In Tajikistan you can see the following:

  1. Visit the highest mountains of the world which have a height of up to 7,495 meters above sea level. It is interesting for lovers of mountains and especially for climbers. In the mountains there is a mass of green glades, beautiful natural places;
  2. Bathe on the most crystal clear lakes and rivers that have the best taste and are located in the high mountains;
  3. To eat unique delicious and Tajik dishes among which: Kurutov, Siyohalaf, Dalda, Damlam and Hordes are considered unique which you will not see and will not find in other countries of the world. Also eats a lot of other delicious and unique dishes, bread and beverages which are also not found at home or anywhere. For example: Fatir, Kalama, Nisholo, Cholov Khavloi Kunchiti are considered a masterpiece of Tajik cuisine, which can be found in neighboring countries adjacent to Tajikistan.
  4. Participate in Tajik holidays, which are celebrated only in the Persian and Turkic countries of the world. This is a holiday “Navruz”, celebrated annually from March 20 to March 30. This is a Tajik holiday new year in which everyone is resting and celebrating the coming of spring. These days on the streets a lot of people and especially girls with national dresses called “Chakan”. In public places, people often gather and hold concerts, dances, festivities, sports competitions, among which a special place is held by competitions called “Gushtginiri” and “Buzkashi”;
  5. Hunting in wild nature. In Tajikistan, you can hunt both normal beasts and predators. Only this kind of tour is considered exclusive and expensive because it requires special agreement from the special bodies. You can catch fish for free on clean rivers and lakes, and shoot wild boars, rabbits, foxes, bears, mountain goats weighing up to 200 kilograms.

How to go to Tajikistan?

In this country you can go by plane, train, and car both independently and through special tour operators. The best option is air transport. Flights to the capital of Tajikistan are available from more than 10 major cities and countries of the world including:

  1. Uzbekistan: Tashkent;
  2. Russia: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Ufa and Chelyabinsk;
  3. China: Beijing, Urumqi;
  4. India: Mr. Niu Delhi;
  5. Turkey: Istanbul;
  6. Germany: Frankfurt;
  7. Kazakhstan: Almaty;
  8. Iran: Tehran;

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When to go to Tajikistan?

In Tajikistan, you can go as a tourist at any time, but it is best considered a 3-period where there are special features.

  1. In the first place is spring. It is recommended to visit from the 20th of March until the end of April. During this period of time in Tajikistan celebrate the greatest national holiday “Navruz” due to which carnivals, concerts, sports and special dishes are held. At this time, although the weather is relatively sedimentary, but still quite clean and pleasant. ….
  2. Summer is the second best place for your charms and it is recommended that you take a tour to Tajikistan from the end of May to the end of August. In the summer in Tajikistan, the mountains are cool and they can travel from the heart. Fruits ripen precisely in this period of time, and you can pick them from the trees and eat directly on the field. Of course he eats a lot of water attractions in the capital of Tajikistan, including “Dolphin” and “Obshoron” ………
  3. Winter is the last place to visit as tourism in Tajikistan. We recommend to visit this country in December because this month the snow level reaches a great depth, and the inhabitants of warm countries that have not seen snow can ride on mountainous places. In this regard, we recommend to visit the ski resort “Safeddara” on the night of December 31 to January 3……. More info in

How much money is needed to see Tajikistan

To visit Tajikistan you do not need a lot of money although it depends on the choice of your type of service. A special place for your expenses is for renting rooms in hotels. On average, normal hotel rooms in the capital of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) cost $ 50-80 per day. But for food per day, you can spend an average of 10-20 dollars and at the end, for travel expenses, it may take up to 20-50 US dollars per day depending on the distance of the route. More  >>>>

How long does it take to see Tajikistan?

Although Tajikistan is a small country, it can not be seen in such a short period of time. To stay in all the best and famous places in Tajikistan, it will take at least 2 weeks and enough for 1 month. More  >>>>

What do you need to know when visiting Tajikistan? Key subtleties! 

First of all, it is necessary to know that in Tajikistan Islamic values ​​are highly valued and therefore it is not worthwhile to do the following:

  1. Walk half-naked in public places;
  2. Do not respectfully communicate with elders. When they come to the house or public places, they should give way and say the words of “Assalomu Aleikum” and at the same time slightly bow their head. At this time, you also need to hold your right hand under your heart. In public transport, give way to the elders.
  3. Communicate publicly their own foreign opinions in relation to someone;
  4. Smoking in public places;
  5. Making love to same-sex people;
  6. Other requested actions can be found at 

Elementary everyday words

For tourists there is a small reference dictionary which is very useful. Here below the most common words used in Tajik society:

  1. Hello – Assalomu aleyikum;
  2. How do you do – shumo chi khel ?;
  3. Thank you – Rahmat;
  4. Okay – Nags?
  5. Where  – Cujo?
  6. How  – chi khel?
  7. No – Ne;
  8. Yes – Ha (Bale);
  9. Why –  Charo;
  10. How much –  Chi kadar;
  11. Money – Pool;
  12. There is – Hast;
  13. No – Nest;
  14. Why –  Charo;

Which tourist companies work in Tajikistan?

In Tajikistan there are at least 10 travel companies that offer their clients tours within Tajikistan, including:

  1. Skytur –
  2. Ziganatur –
  3. Rohattour-
  4. Tajiktourservice –
  5. Pamirtravel –
  6.  more in 

Where to stay in Tajikistan?

Usually, many tourists choose a place to stop the hotels, but we propose to stop at the sanatoriums that are next to the capital of Tajikistan in the city of Gissar. This is because in the sanatoriums rooms are cheaper by 30-50% than in hotels, and also in their amount include 3 meals a day and medical procedures. Another difference is that in sanatoriums nature is more pleasant and places are quiet that for consolation of nerves is a very pleasant place.

Therefore, if you came to the city of Dushanbe, it is better for you to choose a sanatorium Shambari or Sanatorium Saturn. But if you stopped in the city of Khujand, we recommend you to choose rooms in the Sanatorium of Bakhoriston.

But in the city of Khorog, too, eats a sanatorium called “Garmchashma.” In these resorts as in hotels provide rooms for 24 hours if you choose more than 2 days.

Alas, in the city of Kulyab and Kurgan-Tube there is no sanatorium, but there are hotels in them. Alas in these cities will stop for more than 1-2 days there is no special significance, as in these cities there is little for tourists.

Therefore we propose to stop in the city of Dushanbe and the city of Khujand in whose regions there are many interesting places for the tour. It is in these cities that tourists get more pleasure from tourism.

What to take to Tajikistan?

And so you decided to go to Tajikistan? Hurrah Hurrah! This is the right choice because you will see something that was not seen in a dream or even in your imaginations. You heard little about Tajikistan and on the Internet you did not find the rating of this country in tourist guides. But we assure you that you will meet a unique pleasant tour although it is not blissful! You still have pleasant memories of this small country where four weathers are simultaneously eating in the summer (rain with a rainbow, scorching sun, thunderstorms, wind and snow).  More in >>>>

What places will lead to Tajikistan?

What kind of places should I visit in Tajikistan? This question number one for any tourist! In order to plan everything clearly and not waste time, it’s just that you were given the name of the 10 best routes (places) for the tour in this country.

Teahose khorog

  1. Capital. The first thing that we recommend you to visit in Tajikistan is the city of Dushanbe and see places such as the National Museum, Kokhi Navruz, Yakkachinar Restaurant, Hayat SPA, Dolphin Water Park, Mehrgon Large National Market, Mosque “Luchob”, Park named after “Rudaki”, walks along the avenues of Rudaki, Somoni and Sadi Shirazi by car. We recommend 3-5 days to visit Dushanbe;
  2. Gissar Valley – this route includes a visit to the Chaykhana “Harbuza”. This unique architectural building was built in 2015 in the style of melon. Then you need to see the historical fortress of the 16th century under the name “Kalai Khizor”. Then you need to follow the northern part of the Gissar area where the best gardens are apple and grapes. By desire, you can move to the Tursunzade area, where the largest plant of the republic is called TALCO and also eat a waterfall called “Kuran” and grape garden of “Lady’s fingers”. In this direction, 1-2 days are enough to see all the charms;
  3. The city of Khujand. This city is the most beautiful city in Tajikistan where you can swim in the Tajik sea named “Kairokum”, eat national dishes in the most beautiful tea house of Tajikistan named “Arbob”, relax in the best sanatorium of the republic named “Bakhoriston”, go fishing in the lake, visit the historical museum Khujand “and not only. Near Khujand eats amazing visit apricot orchards, which will give you lots of fun. It’s enough 1-2 days in this city to have a good walk and see the best places.
  4. Zeravshan Valley. For lovers of nature, the Zeravshan valley is considered a paradise on earth. There are dozens of large lakes and hundreds of small and incredibly beautiful. There are dozens of small creeks and large rivers and huge waterfalls. Especially it is necessary to look at Iskander Lake, Haftkul Lake, Aloudinskie Lake, the Zarafshan River and the Iskander Falls. You should visit the city of Penjikent where there is a historical city of Sarazm with a history of more than 2500 years. The remains of the ancient city where there were the greatest people of Tajikistan including the poet Abuabdulloy Rudaki.
  5. Nurek – This is the new city of Tajikistan where the lion’s share of the electricity of the Republic of Tajikistan is produced. In the coast of the city there is the Giant Hydroelectric Station with which the water flies with the speed of the airplane and spreads like a wind to the sky. Here you are offered the most delicious and healthy fish called “Trout”. Here you can stop in a very beautiful resort “Puli Sangin” and ride a water motorcycle company “Aqua Nurek”.
  6. Varzob is a region adjoining from the northern part of the capital of Tajikistan, famous for its unique beautiful nature, where you can have a rest in addition to autumn. Here is located one of the best resorts of the republic called Khoja obi garm at an altitude of more than 2000 meters on a surprisingly beautiful landscape. Another popular place in this area is a ski resort called “Safeddara” which can be visited in winter after moderate snows. But among the population of the country Varzob district is famous for its river along which there are a lot of restaurants, canteens, campsites and other complexes for excellent pastime in the summer season..  Подробно на странице

What to take from Tajikistan as a gift?

From Tajikistan, you can buy and take to your country as a gift for your family and friends a lot of things, including for women and men or for children or managers who are your bosses.

Among the most unique products as a gift, it is recommended to buy the following on the markets:

  1. Chakan and Atlas are surprisingly unique beautiful dresses and materials for the weaker sex;
  2. Cord are unique Tajik knives with special ornaments. You can give to men;
  3. Tabaki chubi - special wooden plates. You can give to women;
  4. Musical instruments – among which you can name: Doira, Tabla, Rubob, Dutor, Chankovuz and much more.
  5. Fruits – Grapes of sort “Husseini”, “Guzalkora”, “Dili kaftar”, “Shohon”, and also “Persimmon”, “Lemon” and so on;
  6. Toys, ceramics, paintings and souvenirs – for details see