Tajik funny jokes and comedy

The best gags in Tajikistan can be seen in a video presentation of modern jesters such as alovudine Abdulloeva, Jamshed Halim, Garibsho, Ubaidullo Rajabov, Mukimоjon and Hasani Chilla.

The word joke in Tajik means “Shuah”, which means “joke”. Among people abuse is not particularly used in the Tajik fun. The coolest Tajiks believe the people living in the Java district of Tajikistan. If someone really pinned in Tajikistan it is called Javanese or better in their native language “Ёvoni”.

Video Comedy Tajiks Alovuddin 2015:


Tajik funny Jamshedi Halim jokes:


Worth noting that if you are sufficiently respected and want to Tajik humorists laugh your guests, pay a group of comedians prikolistov-as some of them are shameless and can hurt your mood, indecent jokes.

Consequently if your event is held at the level of the people’s cultural diplomacy Bole Funny considered alovudine Abdulloev, Ubaidullo Radjabov and Mukimdzhon that recommended you to invite them to your event.

treet Tajik fun. Armenian – Tajik and Russian


Jokes Tochiki Garibsho (Bakhtiyor).


Comedy Ubaidullo – Soviet times, Tajikistan


Comedy Mukimdzhona Handinkamon from the group:


Приколы от гр. Шакарханд:


Jokes Tajik (Video 2015)


Duhtari Maktab va 8 video Gushtin Tajik Uzbek gift Rusia


Africans in Tajikistan speek in tajik language


The child was hit by a gag answering machine

Cow pours water currently in Tajikistan