Tajik Air

Tajik Air is a national airline of Tajikistan, established in 1930, based in the capital of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) and has 13 planes flying in 7 countries of the world including China, Russia, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The annual profitability of Tajik Air is more than 100 million US dollars. Serves the company in the transportation of 300-400 thousand people a year. In its balance sheet has aircraft obtained through leasing from foreign companies. The annual net arrived the company does not amount to large sums, as recent years in the market there were many competitors significantly affecting its performance.


Building Tajik-Air

At the moment, the Tajik Air airline specializes in air transportation of passengers, luggage and cargo, and also performs maintenance (“Transit check”, “Daily check Daily check”, “Weakly check”, “100-hour check”, “А -check “) and repair of aviation equipment.

Open joint stock company “Tajik Air” employs over 550 employees and 70 of them are flight attendants. Most of the pilots, navigators and flight engineers of the company have high qualifications and extensive flight experience in the most complicated flight conditions. Since the beginning of 2016g. The company is managed by Rakhimov Khairullo Zubaydulloevich.

The main brands of the company’s aircraft are:

  1. Boeing 757-200 (with the onboard numbers EY-751, EY-752, EY-757) in the number of 3 pieces leased with the Iranian company Taban Airlines;
  2. Boeing 737-500 (with side numbers LY-AWG, LY-AWF) in the number of 2 pieces leased from the Lithuanian companies “FlyLal”;
  3. Boeing 737-400 (with airborne numbers EY-754, EY-753) in the number of 2 pieces leased with the Iranian company Taban Airlines;
  4. Boeing 737-300 with the number EY-444 in the number of 1 pc .;
  5. Boeing 767-300 with the number EY-756 in the number of 1 pc;
  6. XianMa60 – in the number of 2 pieces with the onboard numbers EY-201;
  7. An-28 – in the quantity of 1-piece flying along the route Dushanbe-Khorog;
  8. Yak-40 – in the amount of 1 pc. previously flew on the route Dushanbe – Khorog;

Photo: Boing 737-400


Dushanbe – Urumqi (PRC) airport Dyvopu;
Dushanbe – Beijing (PRC) Shoudou airport;
Dushanbe – Tehran (Iran) Imam Khumaini airport;
Dushanbe – Delhi (India) – Indira Gandhi airport;
Dushanbe – Alm-Ata (Kazakhstan) international airport;
Dushanbe – Manas (Kyrgyzstan) Manas airport;
Dushanbe – Ekaterinburg (Russia) Koltsovo airport;
Dushanbe – Moscow (Russia) Domodedovo airport;
Dushanbe – Novosibirsk (Russia) Tolmachev Airport;
Dushanbe Sankt Petersburg (Russia) Pulkovo airport;
Dushanbe – Surgut (Russia) Surgut airport;
Dushanbe-Khuand (Tajikistan);
Dushanbe-Khorog (Tajikistan);


Reservation department
Phone: +992 48 701-50-20
Email: resurs@tajikairlines.com

Refund or reissue of a ticket
Phone: (+992) 48 701 50 42
E-mail: ticket@tajikairlines.com

Ticket Status
Phone: +992 48 701-50-10
E-mail: o.doronina@tajikairlines.com

On general issues
Address: 734012, Tajikistan, Dushanbe,
ul. Mastongulova Mirzo 32/1

Phone: +992 48 701-50-50, +992 905 100-200
Fax: +992 48 701 50-68
Email: info@tajikairlines.com

Reservation department
Phone: +992 48 701-55-80
E-mail: request@tajikairlines.com o.tuganov@tajikairlines.com

Lawyer for Claims (Legal Department)
Phone: + 992-48-70-15-017
Email: sh.umaraliev@tajikairlines.com

Department of Information Technologies
Telephone: +992 48 701-50-55, +992 48 701-50-10
Email: 7j@tajikairlines.com, b.kurbanov@tajikairlines.com

Press Service (Press Secretary)
Phone: +992 48 701 50 48
E-mail: l.kendjaeva@tajikairlines.com
Department of International Relations
Phone: +992 48 701 50 47
Email: s.ibodulaev@tajikairlines.com, tadzhiev.r@tajikairlines.com


History of TajikAir

In 1929, an international airport was built in the city of Dushanbe (Stalinabad) and in May 1930, the first reception of passengers at this airport was carried out for 2 Yuk-13 aircraft. These planes were subsequently transferred to the balance of the national airline of the Republic of Tajikistan, which flew through the cities, Kulyab, Dangara, Khojent, Kurgantyube and Khorog. Then it was organized due to the arrival of new ANT-9, SP-9, P-5 aircraft flights in the regions of Farhar, Tajikabad, Jirgatal, Khovaling, and Penjikent.

For its existence, the company several times reorganized and had the name: Tajik Civil Aviation Administration, State Air Company Tojikiston, State Administration of Air Transportation “Tojikiston”, SUAI “Tajik Air”. Last time the company was transformed on December 30, 2009 by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for # 707 the airline was transformed into OJSC “Tajik Air”.