Spitamen District

Spitamen (Taj. Nohiyai Spitamen) – is one of the smallest regions of the Tajikistan formed on September 29, 1926 as part of the Sogd region of the country. At present, the area has a territory of 355.7 square kilometers with a population of 128 thousand. Man.

Photo District Spitamen

Photo District Spitamen


By the resolution of the Parlament of the Republic of Tajikistan under No. 460 in 21 November 2003 the district was renamed on to “District Spitamen” in honor of Sogdian warlord leader of the rebellion in Sogdia and Bactria against Alexander in 329 BC. Before that, the area bore the name “Nov”, which was taken on behalf of the district center of the village Nou.

Sir River in Spitamen

Sir River in Spitamen


Spitamen located in the valley of the Syr Darya River and its left tributary of the Aksu. It has borders with Matcha district, in the east – Jabbar-Rasulov district, in the west – Ganchi region of Sogd region of Tajikistan, on the south – Laylakskim district of Batken region of Kyrgyzstan.

Weather Spitamen continental and rather crude. In summer the temperature warms up to 44 degrees Celsius in winter and released to – 30 degrees. The level of precipitation per year is 800 mm. Height above sea level on the territory of the region is from 320 to 1270 meters. Geographic coordinates are 40*09 N and 69*22 E.

Weather Spitamen


Administrative division Spitamen

Спитамен карта

Спитамен на карте

The area is divided into 7 separate large settlements which in Tajikistan called “Jamoat” -s.

  1. Urban village “Naw,” with a population of 26,643 people, is the administrative center of the district Spitamen;
  2. Istiklal – with a population of 19,205;
  3. Kurush – 24,523;
  4. Kushtegirmon – 7279;
  5. Tursun Uldzhaboev- 14,588;
  6. Tagoyak 13,613;
  7. Farmonkurgan – 7057;

Map of Spitamen by the satellite

The economy of the area Spitamen

Spitamen area is mainly agricultural region where most cotton is grown and frukty.Osnovnymi the agriculture area are crop, cotton, grain, horticulture, vegetable, potato, sericulture, animal husbandry and rice cultivation.
Дороги Спитамен Нохияи Спитамен

In Spitamen operate one breeding farm, almost 500 dehkan farms, one poultry farm, 75 production cooperatives, 10 farms and 182 individual dekhan farms. The total number of shareholders in the area of ​​farmer households is 17 thousand. Man.

In the district there are 10 industrial enterprises that use local raw materials and the total number of employees is about 700 people. In the structure of the industry took the largest processing of cotton and other agricultural products.

Area GDP in 2015 was about 50 million. US dollars or the equivalent in national currency of 350 million. Somoni. On average, the revenue part of the budget funds received by the district tax for individuals – 13.5%, 13.5% of the single tax, retail sales tax – 8.0%, also due to VAT – 6.9%. The state budget of the region is about 15 million. Somoni or 5 mln. US dollars a year.

Video of Spitamen


Key indicators of Spitamen

Name in English Spitamen
Head of area Chairman
A country Tajikistan
Status Administrative region
Included Sughd region
Includes 1 town, 6 rural communities
Administrative center Nov
Date of formation September 29th, 1926
Official languages Tajik
Population (2016). 128 597
National composition Tajiks, Uzbeks and Kyrgyz
Confessional Composition Sunni Muslims
Area 355,7 km²
Timezone UTC+5
Abbreviation NA
Code ISO 3166-2 TJ.SU.NA
Coordinates 40*09 N and 69*22 E.
Etnohronim Новчи
Height above sea level (in action) 320 до 1270
Postcode 735830
Internet domain .tj
Code license plates 02 РТ
Telephone code (+992) 3441
Total land area (ha) 35 575
Irrigated area (ha) 14 445
Rainfed land (ha) 21 130
Arable land (hectares) 13 103
Gardens (ha) 1 060
Vineyards (ha) 30
Mulberry (ha) 207
Meadows (ha) 0
Citrus (ha) 3
The area under the seedlings (ha) 0.2
Abandoned (ha) 399
Pastures (ha) 10 765
Buildings 507
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind) 523
Official site www.spitamen.tj


Phones government agencies of Spitamen

  1. The district administration – Chairman of the Reception: Phone (83441) 2-22-44;
  2. Agroinvestbank:  (3441) 2-26-23, (44) 630-67-51


Center of Spitamen

Center of Spitamen

The main problems of the industrial enterprises of the region are the high cost of modern technology to meet modern international standards, the lack of competitiveness of products and the limited number of potential buyers for finished manufactured products, the lack of processing of raw materials, lack of electricity, especially in winter, as well as the inefficient functioning of industrial enterprises, the lack of marketing professionals and management, high-interest bank loans and short-term.