Sohil Resturant in Dudhanbe city

Sohil is a new restaurant located in the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe along Shirazi street near the water park “Obshoron” near the building of the Amphitheater or the National Museum.

The name of the restaurant in English translates as “The Coast” and this is due to the fact that the restaurant is located next to the Dushanbinka river in a very quiet and cozy place not far from the administrative center of Dushanbe.

Photo of Resturant Building

Photo of Resturant Building

Prices are not high and it serves national dishes and European cuisine is also relevant. For the owners of the restaurant, the question of parking is not a problem, as cars can park right at the side of the road at the entrance of the restaurant. Those who want to get here are public transports such as shuttles at number 8, 16, 19, 25 and so on.

In its native Tajik the restaurant has a very attractive name “Soil” in which there are enough customers who basically want to eat pilaf, manti, shurpa, shish kebab, samsa and much, much more. Eat a place both in the open sky and cabins for solitude. Working hours are from 10:00 to 22:00 daily. Live music or just a player sometimes.

The very building of the Sohil restaurant is very large (2-storey) and therefore it is possible to host various corporate parties or wedding events in it.


Address and contacts:

734001, Dushanbe city, Shirazi street ,.
Phones: + (992) 98-83-88-307


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