Sodirot Bank

Open Joint Stock Company “Tojiksodirotbank” – Tajikistan’s largest bank, with more than 65 branches, 2500 staff units (employees), 100 points of sales of banking products and with the balance $ 0.5 billion assets is a  №1 bank in the country.

Photos head office Sodirotbank

Photos head office Sodirotbank

The word “Sodirotbank” means the Export Bank. Despite its unique name Bank widely serve different sectors of the economy, in particular the construction, trade and individuals. The Bank is included in the list of the best banks in Tajikistan that could show itself growing financial institution in a short time.

sodirotbank logo

Logo Sodirotbank

The bank has correspondent relations with 45 banks in the world in particular with the Russian banks.

The bank has more than 100 thousand customers in the area of ​​credit, deposit and settlement services. The Bank serves its customers the most advanced technology in particular in the field of plastic cards. The size of the loan portfolio in 2015 exceeded 350 mln. US dollars while deposits reached 250 million.

Each year, key financial indicators of the bank grow in the range of 10-30%. The owner and general manager of the Bank is Tojiddin Pirov that controls the bank more than 10 years. But according to official figures the main shareholder is JSC “Eurasia” for which a controlling stake shares of the institution.

The only negative phenomenon by the population against the Bank observed it often without the cash ATMs. The most visible symbol of the Bank is its color in the presence of all the buildings of its branches. It eats all the bank’s branches are decorated according to its color scheme of the bank’s brand. Where you would not go for Tajikistan is the color of the building as soon as possible to learn that it is a representation SodirotBank.

Tojiddin Pirzoda

Tojiddin Pirzoda

Tojiddin Pirzoda – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor. Born on 15th March 1965. In the years 1983-1985 – served in the Armed Forces of the USSR in Afghanistan. For exemplary military service has been awarded the government authorized: the Order “Red Star” (1985), medals “For Courage” (1985), “From a grateful Afghan people” (1989), “For Service in Battle” (1990) and “10th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan”; diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Reserve Colonel. In 1990 he graduated from the Tajik Agrarian University.  Chairman of TSB- Tojiddin Pirov dismiss the 18 th May 2016.

Headquartered of Sodirot Bank in Map

Contacts and requisites Sodirotbank

Republic of Tajikistan,
PC: 734013, Dushanbe, street Bekhzod 47
Tel .: +992 (44) 6004017, +992 (37) 2213219, 2214738
Fax: +992 (37) 2214738

Photos head office Sodirotbank

Photos head office Sodirotbank

Phones structural units of the head office

Head Office of the Bank: (44) 600-40-99
Protocol Service: (44) 600-41-45
Legal Services: (44) 600-40-98
Marketing and advertising: (44) 600-40-43
The establishment of “Newspapers” Tojiksodirotbank “: (44) 600-41-75
General Department: (44) 600-40-17
Directorate of Investment and Regional Development (44) 600-40-03, (44) 600-42-56
Department of Finance: (44) 600-40-05, (44) 600-40-68, (44) 600-40-69
Management of interbank systems: (44) 600-40-60, (44) 600-40-61
Manage payments: (44) 600-40-79, (44) 600-40-31
Department on work with VIP-clients: (44) 600-40-19
Department of passive operations: (44) 600-41-72, (44) 600-40-59
The department dealing operations: (44) 600-40-42
Department of crediting and trade financing: (44) 600-40-39, (44) 600-40-72
The department of plastic cards (44) 600-40-63, (44) 600-40-64
Department of remittances: (44) 600-40-45, (44) 600-40-46
Department of crediting and trade financing: (44) 600-42-55
Division of deposits and lending in the Islamic method: (44) 600-43-13
Department of analysis and reporting of deposit operations: (44) 600-41-74
Department of liquidity: (44) 600-40-26
Department of securities: (44) 600-40-26
Department budzhetirovanie and planning: (44) 600-43-31
The management of information technology and business cards:
Department of Information Technology (44) 625-40-60
Management methodology, accounting and banking business processes (44) 600-40-08
The Office for the development of payment cards (44) 625-40-30
Emission Control and acquiring of payment cards (44) 600-40-50
From. operation and prgorammno – technological support: (44) 6004307

Photos branch SodirotBank in 33 district of Dushanbe

Photos branch SodirotBank in district 33 / Dushanbe