Rushon (Rushan district) – one of the mountainous regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, located in a part of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan with the territory 5 870.7 km² and a population of 26 thousand people (2015).

The name of Rushon district in the Tajik language is written as “Nohiyai Rushon,” which means “light”, and it formed on 27 oct. 1932. Rushan district is also called as Vamar.

Photo Rushon

Photo Rushon

On Rushan district located between the districts today: Shugnan south, Vanj from the west, the east and the Murghab district of Faizabad, Afghanistan to the west. Distance from the center Rushon to GBAO (Khorog) is 65 km away and up to 350 km of the capital of Tajikistan.

Rushon people speak their own dialect which schtayut European language coming from Macedonia. Rushan people live in the villages (large) 7 Jamoats, including: Bartang – 1.9 thousand, Bar Rushan – 7.2 thousand, Basid Pasthuf 2.9 thousand, Rushan 5.9 thousand, Savnob – 2.8 thousand and Shidz -2.1 thousand. Worth noting that such great composers and singers like Muboraksho Mirzoshoev and Daler Nazarov born and raised in the Rushan earth.

Photoes of Rushon district

Girls of Rushon district




Mountains of Rushan









Видео о Рушане (сель в 2015 году).

Weather in Rushan generally cool in the summer and spring. In winter the temperature reaches up to – 45 degrees Celsius.

Map Rushan (Haritai Rushon)


Rushan map

Rushan of satellite

Rushan of satellite


Key indicators of Rushon District

Name in Eglish: Rushon district
The head of the district: Chairman
Country: Tajikistan
Title: Administrative District
Included: GBAO
Includes: 7 rural communities
Administrative center: Village Rushon
Date of establishment: October 27, 1932
Official languages: Tajik
Population (2015.): 26 154
National structure: Tajiks
Confessional Composition: Shiite Muslims
Area: 5.9 km²
Time zone: UTC + 5
Abbreviation: TR
Code ISO 3166-2: TJ.GB.RU
Coordinates: 37 ° 56’45 “N and 71 ° 33’32 “E
Etnohronim: Rushantsy
Height above sea level (in measures): 1970 to 5710
Postal Code: 736200
Internet domain:
Code of car numbers: 04 RT
Telephone code: (+992) 3556
The total land area (ha): 587 070
Irrigated area (ha): 2016
Rainfed land (ha): 585 054
Arable land (ha): 1393
Gardens (ha): 188
Vineyards (ha): 0
Mulberry (ha): 69
Meadows (ha): 98
Citrus (ha): 0
The area under the seedlings (ha): 0.001
Abandoned (ha): 87
Pastures (ha): 21636
Houses: 396
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind): 400
Official website:

Other photos Rushan

Photo Rushan District

Photo Rushan District

Waterfall Rushan

Waterfall Rushan

Buildings Orienbank in Rushan

Buildings Orienbank in Rushan


Phones government agencies Rushon

Chairman of the Area: (8_3556) 4.11
Prosecutors: (8_3556) 02/21/70
Court: (8_3556) 07/21/34
Voenkomat: (8_3556) 02/21/30, 04/21/95
Police: (8_3556) 02/21/66
Fire: (8_3556) 08/21/52
Hospital: (8_3556) 09/21/41
Agroinvestbank: (8 3522) 02/11/78