Restaurant Marjona in the city of Dushanbe

The Margina restaurant is located in the northern part of the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan along Omar Khayama Street and it is considered to be a middle class restaurant mainly hosting solemn events including weddings and corporate parties.

The Marjina restaurant was built in the 90s of the last century and was popular until 2010 in Dushanbe. It is especially known to the residents of the city, Dushanbe, who live in the northern part of the country’s capital. They often host events that the people call “Tui”.

 Marchina Restaurant building

Photo of the Marjina Restaurant building

Prices in the Marcion Restaurant are not high and therefore residents choose this restaurant given its convenient location and beautiful interior. The building of the Margin restaurant consists of 2 floors and on its second floor there is a hall for celebrations with a capacity for 150 people.

Cars that come to the restaurant can be parked next to the restaurant right along the road. People who want to get there by public transport can do this with the help of fixed-route taxis №46, trolley №1, bus №3.


Address and contacts of the restaurant:

The city of Dushanbe,

Omar Khayam Street, 46.

phone: +992 988 *****

The name on the Tajik (Tarabkhonai Marjon)a