17 Jan 2016

Mino – Tajik singer

Mino – Tajik young pop singer (artist), was born in 1997 in the town of Kulyab into the music school teacher family. Mino famous for his first song in 2013 called “Ah yor.” it also raised the
16 Jan 2016

Sodirot Bank

Open Joint Stock Company “Tojiksodirotbank” – Tajikistan’s largest bank, with more than 65 branches, 2500 staff units (employees), 100 points of sales of banking products and with the balance $ 0.5 billion assets is a  №1 bank
15 Jan 2016

Tajikistan Bank

This rating is made at the beginning of 2015. The rankings take into account the financial performance of the banks in Tajikistan are located on their own websites. Thus, Tajikistan’s largest bank in terms of assets is the
14 Jan 2016

Tajikistan flowers

Flowers in Tajikistan is one of the most beautiful creations of nature which the country can be found both in the spring and winter, but the best season of flowers time in Tajikistan is considered the  April
13 Jan 2016

Zafarabad (Zafarobod)

Zafarabad area (Taj. Nohiyai Zafarabad) – one of the smallest regions of Tajikistan formed onDecember 20, 1965 as part of the Sogd region of Tajikistan with the territory of 441 square kilometers. Today in Zafarabad divided into
12 Jan 2016

Nigina Raupova

Nigina Raupova (May 21, 1945 – December 22, 2010) – Tajik singer, People’s Hafiz (singer) Tajikistan (1977). Biography: His artistic career started with the singer amateur groups in a Textile factory in Dushanbe city. In 1971 she began working in
11 Jan 2016

Tajik currency (Money) – Somoni

The currency of Tajikistan today is “Somoni” which was put into circulation from 30 October 2000 and is named after the founder of the first Tajik state, Ismail Samani. It contains coins from himself by the name
9 Jan 2016

Spitamen District

Spitamen (Taj. Nohiyai Spitamen) – is one of the smallest regions of the Tajikistan formed on September 29, 1926 as part of the Sogd region of the country. At present, the area has a territory of 355.7
8 Jan 2016


Ramadan - is the holy month of Muslims in the world designed for holding the post for the purpose of washing of sin by giving up eating in the daytime abstinence from non-authorized actions and the fulfillment
5 Jan 2016


“Agroinvestbank” is the largest bank in Tajikistan has more than 120 structural subdivisions all over the country, including 62 branches that employ 2.6 thousand. Workers. The Bank is a universal and equity plays a special role in