5 Mar 2020

Global Marketing Standard

The  Global Marketing Standard has been updated to ensure that it continues to reflect best practice for the responsible marketing of tobacco products. The revised Standard reflects the core principles which define Sony’s attitude to smoking and
3 Mar 2020


Hilton Dushanbe Hotel in honor of Mothers Day 2020 holds an action and offers men to buy a ticket to the SPA salon of the hotel for their mothers, wives, sisters and relatives. The promotion is valid
28 Feb 2020

Program to reduce human rights-related barriers to HIV services

The Tajikistan New Funding Request has been awarded by the Global Fund (GF) for the period of 2018 – 2020 aimed at reducing new HIV infection and integration of HIV services into primary health care, emphasizing rights-based
15 Jan 2020

Simple of CONTRACT GOODS’ PURCHASE AND SALE of Pharmaceuticals and medicinal and herbal preparations.

This Contract is made and effective from April 10th, 2018 by and between the parties: Pala International Pvt. Ltd, a Company registered and having its registered office at 6th Floor, Tower B, 23 Cybercity , Zala, Mauritius
11 Dec 2019


In today’s world there are indicators for the evaluation of the quality of the bank, both the financial institution and its employees, a list of which is annexed hereto. The indicators are used to assess the effectiveness
5 Dec 2019

Advertising in Tajikistan

Any company that wants to be successful should promote its products, and advertising helps to do it. Our company is a team of qualified professionals with creative thinking and numerous ideas. We use different spectra of promotional
26 Nov 2019

Commercial property with building plot for sale in Latvia

Commercial property with building plot for sale in Latvia. This is an excellent investment property, located in touristic place. Suitable for small hotel ,restaurant, for shop, offices, manufacturing, relax center, holistic massages, rejuvenation center, med spa or
1 Nov 2019

Abduroziq – the smallest singer in the world

A Tajik singer from Tajikistan named Abduroziq (16 years old) is gaining popularity on the Internet. The name of the singer in his native language is spelled “Абдуроззикқ”. Abdurozzik is not a certified artist, but has the
23 Oct 2019

Big Mosque of Dushanbe city

The new mosque in the city of Dushanbe was commissioned at the end of October 2019, the construction of which lasted almost 10 years. The total area of the mosque is 2500 square meters, and the total
1 Oct 2019

National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) for Tajikistan

We would like to inform you, that the International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank Group, under the Central Asia Financial Inclusion Project (CAFINC) is cordially inviting you to the official Launch Ceremony of the commencement of