9 Jan 2016

Spitamen District

Spitamen (Taj. Nohiyai Spitamen) – is one of the smallest regions of the Tajikistan formed on September 29, 1926 as part of the Sogd region of the country. At present, the area has a territory of 355.7
8 Jan 2016


Ramadan - is the holy month of Muslims in the world designed for holding the post for the purpose of washing of sin by giving up eating in the daytime abstinence from non-authorized actions and the fulfillment
5 Jan 2016


“Agroinvestbank” is the largest bank in Tajikistan has more than 120 structural subdivisions all over the country, including 62 branches that employ 2.6 thousand. Workers. The Bank is a universal and equity plays a special role in
20 Dec 2015

Russian girls

Russian girls in the world are considered to be beautiful buildings and do not concede their position other girls from different countries almost every year. The secret of success is in their pale white skin, golden hair,
20 Dec 2015

Afghan song – music

Afghan songs – Download the new and classical Afghan music, you can right here. Afghan song is very popular in many countries such as in Asia and Europe and is similar to Tajik. As is known, a nightingale
20 Dec 2015

Afghan girl

The beauty of Afghan girls and women enjoy extraordinarily beautiful, but due to the requirements of the Islamic currents women do not show their faces, and public fascination that remains hidden and unknown. Many of these girls
4 Sep 2015

Persian girls – Iranian, best photo of woman

Persian or Iranian girls belongs to TOP-3 most beautiful girls in the world. They have average height, white skin, dark brown eyes and sometimes green, dark brown and sometimes white hairs with special charm and sweet smiles.
3 May 2015

Паспорт Таджикистана

Под словом “Паспорт Таджикистана”  имеется ввиду документ таджикистанца удостоверяющий его личность которого называют “Паспорт гражданина Таджикистана”. Паспорт гражданина Таджикистана разделяется как на “Внутренний Паспорт (Общегражданский)” а также “Заграничный Паспорт (Загран)”. Данный документ предназначен для выезда в некоторых странах
1 Jan 2015

Zafar Ayubi

Zafar Ayubi – Tajik popular singer known by the nickname “Zafarcha”, was born on 10 June 1962 in the city of Kulyab. Zafar Ayubi while speaking at the TV but he is especially popular for people, because