27 Jan 2016

Dua Qunoot

Qunoot (Qunut) is a supplication type of prayer made while standing in Islam. For example, it is sunnah (recommended) to supplicate with qunut in the witr prayer during the entire year.  “Qunut” (Arabic: القنوت‎; also transliterated Qunoot) literally means
26 Jan 2016

Noziya Karomatullo

Noziya Karomatullo – Tajik popular singer, daughter of the famous deceased singer Karomatullo Kurbonov, was born February 7, 1988 in Dushanbe city. Noziya grew up in a family of talented people because he has a brother named Muhammadrofe
25 Jan 2016

Shahriyor Davlatov

Shahriyor Davlatov – the youngest tajik singer, was born on September 7, 1991 in Dushanbe city. In early 2012 he became as a well known public singer in Tajikistan and he began performing at concerts and personal corporative pop
24 Jan 2016


Mirzoshoev Muboraksho Abdulvahobovich – super singer who left the Tajik people. Biography: In the native Tajik singer’s name Mirzoshoev Muboraksho Abdulvahobovich. Born 08.19.1961 year in the village of EYC, Rushan district of GBAO Tajikistan and died at
23 Jan 2016


Samarkand – with a population of 0.5 million and an area of 120.3 square kilometers is the second ranking of cities of Uzbekistan in terms of geographic scale, the historical limitation, cultural values, economic development and other factors.
22 Jan 2016


Rasht – one of the mountainous district of Tajikistan, located in the geographical center of the country with an area of 4 612.9 km² formed 10-th March 1931. Today Rasht district has a population more than 109
21 Jan 2016

Vahdat – Tajikistan district

Vahdat – one the largest region of Tajikistan and the administrative center of the city of Vahdat is located 20 km. east of the capital city (Dushanbe). The total area of Vahdat district is 3 987.29 square
20 Jan 2016

Tajikistan travel and tour

Many people ask, “Where is the beautiful and wonderful places in Tajikistan for travel, tour and relax” while the maximum save time and money and get the best enjoyment of the Tajik land, to keep the most
19 Jan 2016

Baxa 84

Bakhtiyor Qosimov by the name “Baxa 84″ - the most popular Tajik reper (singer) and at the same time film actor. Biography: Baxa 84, was born in 1988 in the Kurgantyube town of the Republic of Tajikistan
18 Jan 2016


There are 10 official holidaysn in Uzbekistan,  which celebrate and solemnly declared output -nerabochimi days. The most favorite holiday of the Uzbekistan people are considered to be religious holidays such as the “Ramadan” and “Qurban” and calendar