10 Feb 2016

Masaj Tashkent – Uzbekistan

Massage services in Tashkent has become sought-after due to the fact that some of this by offering porn and sexual services. In this regard, in the declarations, those who offer sex services under the guise of massage,
10 Feb 2016

Tajik dance

Dance in Tajikistan is generally popular-cultural element of which is called “Raks” in the native language and sometimes occurs in the “Bozi” forms, “Usul” or “Argusht”. Tajik dance is closely associated with the life of people, accompanying
9 Feb 2016


Istaravshan – formed by May 11-th, 1936 and it is one of the largest and at the same time, the oldest district / city of Tajikistan, located in the northern part of the country in the geographical
8 Feb 2016

Bank Eskhata

Bank Eskhata  - one of the most successful commercial bank in Tajikistan with an average volume of capital, assets, and other key performance indicators, the region where the activity is considered to be mainly the northern part of
8 Feb 2016


The borders of Tajikistan are a length 3 651 kilometers with 4 countries including: From the west and north – Uzbekistan length – 1 161 km .; From the north by the Republic of Kyrgyzstan length – 870
7 Feb 2016

Hasan Haydar

Hasani Haydar – Honoured Tajik singer and musician, was born and grew up in the Vahdat district (Ordzhenikidze – Kofarnihon) of the Republic of Tajikistan. The name of the singer comes from the Arabic language. Biography: Popularity
6 Feb 2016

Farkhor (Parkhar)

Farkhor (taj. Фархор) – District with administrative center Farhor town. Farkhor area include subordinated Khatlon region of Tajikistan. The total area is 1 183 square kilometers and a population is 152 thousand people (2015). The region was founded
6 Feb 2016

Surayo Qosimova

Surayo Qosimova (Kosimova) – Tajikistan’s famous folk singer, was born on 16 april 1958 in the city of Kulob, Khatlon region of Tajikistan. Surayo Qosimova was one of the most famous singers of Tajikistan during 1990-2000 performing
6 Feb 2016

National bank of Tajikistan (NBT)

National Bank of Tajikistan or in abbreviated form “NBT” – on a legal basis is considered the center of emission of the Tajik currency, reserve system of the country, owned by the Republic of Tajikistan and under-report
5 Feb 2016

Shahzoda (Shaxzoda)

Shahzoda (Shaxzoda) – Uzbek super star (singer). The most popular and well-known in Uzbekistan and abroad. Was born on 06.28.1979, in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan in the family of intellectuals. Popularity Shaxzoda acquired in the early 2000-th,