6 Feb 2016

Surayo Qosimova

Surayo Qosimova (Kosimova) – Tajikistan’s famous folk singer, was born on 16 april 1958 in the city of Kulob, Khatlon region of Tajikistan. Surayo Qosimova was one of the most famous singers of Tajikistan during 1990-2000 performing
6 Feb 2016

National bank of Tajikistan (NBT)

National Bank of Tajikistan or in abbreviated form “NBT” – on a legal basis is considered the center of emission of the Tajik currency, reserve system of the country, owned by the Republic of Tajikistan and under-report
5 Feb 2016

Shahzoda (Shaxzoda)

Shahzoda (Shaxzoda) – Uzbek super star (singer). The most popular and well-known in Uzbekistan and abroad. Was born on 06.28.1979, in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan in the family of intellectuals. Popularity Shaxzoda acquired in the early 2000-th,
4 Feb 2016

Tajikistan population

The population of Tajikistan at the beginning of 2016 amounted to 8.8 mln. people, which is 352 thousand more than in 2015 and 1.1 mln. of which reside in Dushanbe (the capital), which is 12% of the
4 Feb 2016

Massage in Dushanbe

Massage services in Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan is becoming more popular and in demand, which are aimed for recovery, relaxation and recreation. Are you interested in massage price and where to find a masseuse or
3 Feb 2016


There are 18 cities in Tajikistan (as of January 1, 2016,). One of them, the country’s capital Dushanbe ciry, has the status of a separate administrative-territorial unit of the first order, three cities have the status of
2 Feb 2016

Konibodom (Kanibadam)

Kanibadam – a district and city with a population of 140 thousand and an area of 83 thousand sq. kilometers located in Tajikistan formed in 1937. The district administrative center is the city of Kanibadam. Kanibadam is
2 Feb 2016


The Government of Tajikistan – is the supreme executive body of the country which consists of high-ranking officials, including the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan in the person of the Prime Minister, ministers and heads
1 Feb 2016

Karomatullo Qurbonov

Karomatullo Qurbonov – guarded best preeminent that the years 1980-1995 were listed as the unique sparkling art, art song of his supreme talent reputation in the former Soviet countries, mamolikhoi forzaʙonu Turkic and Indo-European still remains. Biography: November
31 Jan 2016


Sarband – a small industrial town in the composition of the Khatlon region of Tajikistan, with a population of 16.7 thousand people (2016) was established in 1956 as an industrial city. Sarband town is located east of