Nigina Raupova

Nigina Raupova (May 21, 1945 – December 22, 2010) – Tajik singer, People’s Hafiz (singer) Tajikistan (1977). Biography: His artistic career started with the singer amateur groups in a Textile factory in Dushanbe city.

Нигина Раупова

Сурати Нигина Раупова

In 1971 she began working in the ensemble “Rubobchizanon.” In 1975 – in the ensemble of the Committee on Television and Radio. People remember a performance of folk songs “Askarbacha”, “Bui gul”, “Baland qudat ast”, “Duhtari kajtoqi”, “Nozam ba chashmonat”, “Nargisi Shahlo” and many others.

From 1989 until his retirement in the ensemble performed “Daryo” Committee for Television and radio under the Government of Tajikistan. She also worked in the State ensemble “Shashmaqom” and the State Philharmonic Society of Tajikistan.

She was awarded the State Prize of Rudaki (1966) and the title of People’s Hafiz (singer / CA) Tajikistan (1977)

Video – music of Nigina Amonqulova