Mumtoz (Restaurant / Dining) in Dushanbe

Mumtoz is a dining room of excellent quality in Dushanbe city where national dishes are served including excellent kebabs, samsa, soup, cabbage rolls, manti and many other tasty preparations.

In Tajik, Mumtoth is called “Oshkhona” and unofficially by the restaurant, although at the latter the name is greatly exaggerated because it does not have music, dancing, hookah and others.

The Mumtoz building is located along Saadi Shirazi Avenue near other famous restaurants and canteens in the Textile area. Here you can get on public transport № 33, 2, 13, 25, etc.


Mumtos (Mumtoz) Photo 2018

Unfortunately they do not have fully enclosed cabins to seclude themselves in a quiet place and talk with druses or a loved one. She probably goes to a snack bar where you can eat well and that’s it.

The building itself consists of 2 floors where 100-150 people can eat at the same time. Usually there are about 200-300 people a day here. The total number of employees in this canteen is 30-50 people, depending on the season of the season. Basically they offer lunch and dinner.

Working time is in Mumtos from 10:00 to 22:00.


Address and contacts:

The city of Dushanbe,

Abdulahad Kakhhorov Street.

Phones: (+992) 90-085-55-00, 88-773-74-04.