Rating mobile operators in Tajikistan in terms of quality and kinds of products as well as pricing tariff ranked this page at the end of 2015. If you are interested in knowing what is best cellular company in Tajikistan, then this article is for you.

Logotype of Mobile Operators of Tajikistan - celular companies

Logotype of Mobile Operators of Tajikistan – celular companies

In Tajikistan, mostly operate 5 mobile operators in the provision of communications services including:

  1. “T-Cell” – in the first place. Number of subscriber numbers, the company Bole 2.5 million. 99% covers the communication areas of the country, introduced the latest technologies, including 4G and Chigap, high speed Internet access, tariffs, prices are low, access to the call center operative, expanded branch network and. etc .; The telephone numbers of subscribers of the company starts with “93”.
  2. “Vavilot M” – in second place. The number of subscribers exceeds 2.5 million Bole but have not upgraded technology, the Internet speed and coverage is relatively weak especially in mountainous areas.;
  3. “Megafon Tajikistan” – in third place;
  4. “Beeline Tajikistan” – in fourth place;
  5. “TK-Mobile” – on the fifth (last) place;