Massage in Dushanbe

Massage services in Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan is becoming more popular and in demand, which are aimed for recovery, relaxation and recreation. Are you interested in massage price and where to find a masseuse or centers of professional massage?


In general in Tajikistan massage services is available from the following categories of persons:

  • Public institutions (clinics, hospitals) – 50% of the services market;
  • Private institutions – 15% of the services market;
  • Individuals – 35% of the services market;

Massage price in Tajikistan (How much it cost).

Luxury massage: The cost of this type of massage is provided by private clinics and individuals whose number does not exceed more than 50 persons, and the cost of which ranges from 20 to 50 US dollars per 1 serving. In this category includes massage such as Thai Massage, Chinese, Turkish with steam, treatment, urology and so on. This type of massage can be obtained by ordering over the phone both at home and leaving at certain addresses. It is provided primarily for wealthy individuals who wish to be cured, relax and take a rest;

Regular Massage: provided by public institutions and private persons mainly the cost of which ranges from 3 to 10 $. The quality of this type of massage is much different from the luxury category and is strictly directed to the treatment. The segment of the users of this type of massage are mostly children and the sick. The average price for a massage in the capital of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) cost US $ 10-15;

Education for the profession of masseur

Any interested person can be trained and obtain a certificate for a massage therapist profession in special schools (medical schools and colleges). The total training period is 1 month and the cost for this type of education is 100-200 US dollars;

Masseurs Phones in Dushanbe

  1. Massage Airport interior rotation. – Address Aini Street, 71/48, Phone: +992 93-521-44-55;
  2. Massage salon “Dilyachon” offers a professional massage tel: 93-360-16-60, 915-76-35-33, 981-05-25-82.
  3. Masseuse Lolita – phone: +992 93 569-63-33;
  4. Masseuse: +992 90 109-20-53, +992 55 095-92-92;
  5. Masseuse +992 98 903-52-52;
  6. Masseuse Nina +992 90 001-47-66;
  7. Masseuse +992 90 771-65-35
  8. Massage, therapeutic, traditional, general and relaxing – +992 90 088-93-38, +992 98 901-83-74;
  9. Professional massage – 900-26-53-58;
  10. Massage at home – 904-05-05-22;
  11. Massage at home on 5 types: 900-88-08-78 (Anisa);
  12. I do massage at home, everything is clean and cozy (Sumaya) tel: 93-833-36-66;
  13. Treatment of problems with the spine (low back pain, sciatica, sciatica, grounding and mixing CDs) – 918-67-88-60;
  14. Russian masseuse Julia – 915-99-68-38;
  15. With the experience of Russian Lena: 919-84-28-57;
  16. Masseuse in the center of Dushanbe – 95-165-61-61;
  17. Sofia – 901-25-90-09;
  18. With aromatic oils – 938-550-520;
  19. Fantastic massage – 915-13-31-19;
  20. Professional masseuse Zarina, making all kinds of massage 987-33-56-26;
  21. Young Russian girl masseuse named Sabina makes all kinds of massage – 919664-548;
  22. Luba masseuse – 904-23-09-52;
  23. Solution of the problems of men, prostatitis, SPF, adenoma, p / w, varicocele. Phone: 988-55-77-70;
  24. Nurses Laylo makes quality massage – 90-066-40-31;
  25. Young girl – 901-60-09-09;
  26. Therapy – (dot) 917-66-05-46

* It is not surprising that sometimes the word massage some Tajiks involve the receipt or offer sexual services (sex, erotic or sexual acts). And some people are replenished this blackmail, or someone, and so you need to be careful.