Lake of Two horns (Du Shakh)

Lake Dyushaha (taj Kuli du shakh) – A system of two lakes connected by channels, separating them with a long neck. It is located on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan Ayni district in the western part of the Hissar ridge Fan Mountains. In english language its name can be translated as “two horns”. It is located at the western edge of a large Kulikalon basin in a distance of 2.5 km. Kulikalon east of the lake in an area of 115 square meters. km.

Photo of Lake "Two horns"

Photo of Lake “Two horns”

The difference in levels of small lakes. From the shores of panorama near glaciers reflecting in the water. Lake Dushakha located at an altitude of 2985 meters below the top of the wall in the world. On the banks of the lakes grow juniper forests. The weather in the summer heat, growing juniper forest, lake water is fresh and warm (from +5 to +15 degrees Celsius), and is suitable for swimming. Near Dushakha and neighboring lakes Kulikalon depression almost always summer there are tourists with tents.


Du Shakh (two horn)

To the lakes is easy trail. It is easy to make an excursion to the glacier Maria, but close to the icefall approach is not recommended, because at any moment can happen collapse of the upper ice.

Du shakh is a living lake because it has the inflow and outflow of water. It is the middle link in a chain of lakes Kulikalon basin. Its water is mostly filled by the melting of the surrounding glaciers. Stoke from an underground lake, going through the thickness of the moraine and is connected to other waters surrounding the lakes in particular Kulikalon. Riddled moraine, the light appears Artuch River (also the name of the village). In winter the lake freezes and turns around into the icy ground. From the point of view of science and the history of the lake there was a natural way, due to the lack of flatness of the landscape of this region.

Video of Fan mountains and including Lake of Dushakh

The distance from Lake “Two Horn” to the city of Tajikistan capital Dushanbe is about 200 km. on the road. To get to the lake is on foot because there is no road to the lake. The route towards the lake is possible through the Kosh village and then to the village of the homeland of the poet Rudaki Abuabdulloi (Pandzhrudak) and the rest of the route in the southeastern part of the highlands at a distance of 15 km.

Location Lake of Two horns on the map

The geographical coordinates of Lake “Souls”: 39 ° 14’24 “north latitude and 68 ° 12’00” east longitude. We also recommend to look for other lakes in Tajikistan link.