Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company – Iran

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company was established in 1963 in an area of 24,000 sqm. The production unit was constructed in a two-story building in an area of 7,000 sqm and all of the company production lines – Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Oral Drop, Spray, Antibiotic Oral products and Anti-Cancer Oral products – are in accordance with the latest GMP regulations.

With more than 5 decades of brilliant history, 350 experienced workforces and production of more than 100 medicinal products and supplements, Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company is now one of the pioneers of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran.

kharazmiThe manufacturing site of the company consists of 3 full lines of syrup production and filling lines, 2 full lines of production and filling of Oral Drops, 5 full lines of granulation of tablets, 7 full lines of tablet pressing, 6 full lines of tablet packaging, one full line of topical spray solution, one full line of capsule filling and capsule counters and one separate unit for the production of tablets and capsules of anticancer drugs.


Utilizing technology, knowledge, well-trained, expert workforce and optimizing organizational processes in compliance with international standards, we are going to produce and supply various types of medications of high quality and innovation for local and overseas markets. Hence, we take some steps in improvement of life quality, health and hygiene of society and even make maximum value to the beneficiaries and stakeholders.


To become an exalted & prominent organization relying on innovation, quality and modern technologies in line with improving the society’s hygiene level & health.

Organizational Values:

We aim to maintain our reputable name in pharmaceutical industry using the following values:

Commitment & Accountability Sustainability

Continuous Improvement Meritocracy

Innovation & Creativity

Honesty & Trust

Passion & Loyalty

Kharazmi Co. Products Categories:

Manufacturing generic & OTC products since 1963, in various forms such as syrup, oral drop, tablet, etc. in the following categories:

  1. f Analgesics Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Antipyretics
  2. f Antibacterial Drugs
  3. f Antifungals
  4. f Antihistamines
  5. f Antimalarial
  6. f Bronchodilator and Anti-Asthma drugs
  7. f Cardiovascular System
  8. f Cough Suppressants
  9. f (Analgesics, Antihistamines, Decongestant and Expectorants)
  10. f Gastrointestinal Drugs
  11. f Local anesthesia
  12. f Neuromuscular Disorders Multiple (multiple sclerosis(
  13. f Urologic drugs
  14. f Nutritional Agents and Vitamins
  15. f Anti-Cancer


Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Co is a member of IQNET and has attained ISO

9001 & ISO 14001 from DQS of Germany .

We abide by WHO guidelines and the latest GMP standards and have established ourselves as one of the key players within Iranian pharmaceutical industry.

Quality Assurance (QA):

Quality assurance (QA) is considered as a backbone and plays a vital role in Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company. The department is established to ensure that all procedures considered to have any influence on quality attributes of pharmaceutical products are brought under control.

QA is in strong relationship with other departments, especially Engineering, Production & Quality Control.

Documentation, calibration, internal audit, and validation are the main scopes of QA. There are pre-established standard operating procedures which define principals of documentation for all departments of the company.

Customer satisfaction is the main objective of quality assurance and all decisions taken at Kharazmi pharmaceuticals are evaluated to make sure that customer satisfaction is not compromised.

This department is also important from a regulatory point of view and

overall effectiveness of QA procedures on quality are being assessed by Iran

Quality Control (QC):

Quality Control (QC) is one of the key departments in any pharmaceutical company. After R&D, a large number of employees work in this department.

A chemist executing a qualitative analysis seeks to identify the substances in the sample. A quantitative analysis is an attempt to determine the quantity or concentration of a specific substance in the sample.

Kharazmi Quality Control has 5 laboratories for best control in different stages from starting materials to finished product manufacturing process.

These sections are:

  • Raw Material Laboratory
  • In Process Quality Control
  • Finished Product Laboratory
  • Microbial Laboratory
  • Documentation

Quality Control has two different divisions as below:

  • Wet Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis

The Quality will be checked in three different stages as below:

  • Raw material analysis
  • In Process Sample analysis
  • Finished Product analysis

The different instruments used in QC department are:

  1. J HPLC
  2. J GC
  3. J Melting Point apparatus
  4. J Muffle Furnace
  5. J Polarimeter
  6. J Friability Apparatus
  7. J Disentrigation Apparatus
  8. J TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)
  9. J Water Bath
  10. J Dissolution apparatus

Research and Development:

Kharazmi’s R&D department focusing on designing and improving formulations of new finished products as well as constant quality improvement of current productions has been considered as one of the strategic units of the company.

Undoubtedly, quality and scope improvement of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company’s medications has been as the result of the company’s close interactions with top ranking universities, research and investing centers on the one hand and taking advantage of qualified and competent personnel on the other hand.

Major activities of R&D department are in line with strategic aims in the fields of designing, formulation and quality improvement of the products in different therapeutic categories like antidiabetics, lipid level modifiers, antidepressants, analgesics, CNS and GI medications.

R&D department has also taken major steps in producing formulation of natural and herbal medicines. Focusing on portfolio diversification, these medications will be launched to the market soon for the treatment of obesity, skin burning and GI disorders.

Due to the high production volume of some pharmaceutical products and pediatric supplements, there has always been a constant attempt for improving taste, color and physiochemical characteristics of these products in order to achieve patient compliance.

Export Development Department:

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company considers exportation of its pharmaceutical products as a step towards improvement of human societies’ health and well-being. Hence, we do our utmost attempt to produce high quality medicinal products with affordable and reasonable prices and distribute them across the countries in demand.

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company welcomes cooperation opportunities with importers and distributors of pharmaceutical products in any country whilst some of our target markets are Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Afghanistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Senegal, Ivory Coast, etc. and is willing to initiate business relationship with the local trading, distributing, chain drugstores as well as Ministry of Health of the target countries. We are also keen on cooperation with International Organizations (NGO’s) such as Red Cross, Red Crescent and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Co. approaches various models of business cooperation with domestic companies as followed:

  • Granting representation to trading (importing) companies, distribution companies and pharmacy chain stores,
  • Participating in international tenders.

Joint-Venture with overseas companies in Iran for export.

  • Joint-Venture with overseas and domestic companies in target markets.
  • Acquisition shares of domestic companies in target countries.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a macro strategy used for all business types aiming towards interest, income and customer satisfaction optimization. In order to fulfill this aim, all the activities of the company are organized revolving around the various groups of customers.

Having an extended vision towards our customers, for leading sales team, facilitating reporting of medical representatives and finally increasing the company’s income, scientific visit management software is used.

Company’s products are presented to physicians and drugstores via qualified medical representatives.

In order to have more effective interaction and relation with the customers

and knowing their feedback and viewpoints, a questionnaire has been designed for each customer category.

The results will be conveyed to Sales and Marketing units making.

Since customer satisfaction has been considered as one of the major goals of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company, management is about to promote company services in line with increasing clients’ satisfaction.

Future Plans:

Kharazmi intends to enter the regional & international markets to address objectives as below:

  1. Establish itself as a reliable supplier of generic, OTC & nutritional products in the neighboring countries based on its cumulative capabilities.

II. Attend to the needs of emerging markets through innovation in products such as Anti-Cancer and Biosimilar drugs.

Manufacturing generic & OTC products since 1963, in various forms such as syrup, oral drop, tablet, etc. in the following categories:

  1. S Analgesics Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Antipyretics
  2. S Antibacterial Drugs
  3. S Antifungals
  4. S Antihistamines
  5. S Antimalarial
  6. S Bronchodilator and Anti-Asthma drugs
  7. S Cardiovascular System
  8. S Cough Suppressants
  9. S (Analgesics, Antihistamines, Dec
  10. S Gastrointestinal Drugs
  11. S Local anesthesia
  12. S Neuromuscular Disorders Multip
  13. S Urologic drugs
  14. S Nutritional Agents and Vitamins
  15. S Anti-Cancer
  16. Kharazmi Plasma

Kharazmi Plasma Center

Kharazmi Plasma launched its operation in 2013 to supply blood products with the main emphasis on Plasma as the major element in treatment of Hemophilia, cancer and etc.

It has the capacity of 100,000 liters and it will expand in near future. It has contract with European fractionation companies.

More details on:

Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution Co.

Eltiam Distribution was founded in 2008 with the main focus on optimum distribution of pharmaceutical products within Iran, providing the fastest distribution services to achieve customer satisfaction.

This company has more than 400 sales employees and around 20 branches all over Iran.

Contact details:

Address: No115, Jalal St., Shahrak Esteqlal, Tehran-Iran Tel: (+9821) 44545413-20

Fax: (+9821) 44545413-20 (Extension 8)