Hojiyon Resturant

Hojiyon restaurant (in the native Tajik language “Tarabkhonai Hojiyon” is one of the famous restaurants of the city of Dushanbe which is located in the eastern part of the capital of Tajikistan along Drujba Narodov street (Dustii Khalqho).


The restaurant can be called but most likely it is suitable for the category “Suite dining” because it does not have live music and dancers who could please. In addition, on the face of the building of this food-reception organization it is not written what kind of firm. There is no name in the face that it is difficult to find it. Orientation can be called against the restaurant “Ravshan”. Next to the restaurant there is also a filling station “Petrol Station”.

Location of the Restaurant on the Map

On average, at the restaurant Hojiyon at the same time can serve about 100 people and it mainly prepares Tajik dishes, among which the most notable are “Samsa” and “Shashlik”, and they are very talented in the preparation of these.

As for the prices, they are not high and not cheap. The usual medium-city tariffs in their dishes, salads and services. You can certainly book a table in front of a fountain or a cabin closed by phone +992 501-01-4014. Here an unusual design, where wooden tables and cabins are compact for 5-6 people with sofas.

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Ходжиен столовая

Hojiyon Returant