Tajikistan Football

Football in Tajikistan is one of the leading sports after which more popular sport is considered “Gushtin” and then “Buzkashi” and others. Tajikistan in the FIFA world rankings occupies a good position (7/10). Annual consumption in Tajikistan Football is more ten million somoni, and about half of them through FFT (Football Federation of Tajikistan).

Футбол Таджикистан

In Tajikistan, officially, there are more than ten football teams and the most popular – titled to champion status are as follows:

  1. “Regar tadaz” (Tursunzade) - is a 7-fold champion of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  2. “Istiqlol” (Dushanbe) – a 4-fold champion of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  3. “Vakhsh” (Kurgan-Tube) – PT is a 3- fold champion;
  4. “Varzob” (Dushanbe) – 3 is a multiple champion of the RT;
  5. “Ravshan” (Kulob) – 2-time champion;
  6. “Sitora” (Dushanbe) – 2-time champion;
  7. “Pamir” former. CSKA (Dushanbe) 2-time champion;
  8. “Dynamo” (Dushanbe) – 1-times champion was in 1996 ..

As you can see in the football teams in the Champions list Tajikistan is mainly teams from Dushanbe (5-Clubs), and it is caused by the financial support. For example since Agroinvestbank funded in the amount of 1 million. Somoni each year (2012-2013) football team Ravshan they became champions in this year. Another example since RT Aluminum plant financed FC “Regartadaz” then her luck to smile more.

While the football team cities of the country is the main champions but their players came from outside-urban population. One notable factor is that the residents of the northern part of Tajikistan (Sughd region) are very backward in football.

Tajikistan team principal rival teams are Central Asia, of which the main competitors are national teams of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan’s national team also has a rivalry with the team and the national team of Iran in Afghanistan. Fans of the national team of Tajikistan have a friendly relationship with the fans of the national team of Afghanistan, Iran, and sometimes with the fans of other teams in Central Asia, if their team plays against the team which is not Central Asia.

 Football ranking of Tajikistan in the world

Рейтинг футбол Таджикистана в мире (ФИФА)

According to estimates by FIFA (International Football Federation) is the most the highest position among the 200 countries of the world, the Republic of Tajikistan in its history, received in July 2013 reaching the 106th position with 314 points mi. As you can see in this chart shows the dynamics of achieving the Tajik football in world sport. According to these data, the worst performance in the Tajik football was in 2004, the code of its rating dropped to 1979th position.

Thus the state of Tajik football can say that, given the economic difficulties and mountainous terrain in the country is still a good performance in the world rankings and the 10-point scale, it occupies the 7 th place in 2016 to be exact 150 th (end March 2016) . The worst football team in Tajikistan in the world ranking is Team India, Malaysia, Indonesia and several other countries. Better Tajikistan considered such countries football teams on the FIFA rankings as Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Mali and many other states. Word of Tajikistan among the countries of the former Soviet Union takes the position will follow.

Achieving Tajiks in football on the world stage

  • AFC Challenge Cup winners: 2006
  • Silver medalist of the AFC Challenge Cup finalist: 2008
  • Bronze medalist Bronze medalist of the AFC Challenge Cup: 2010

The most active in football is a man living in the mountainous regions of Tajikistan! Here at the bottom of a list of the best regions of Tajikistan (rated) on the football activity:

  1. Pamir (GBAO) in particular Shugnan area;
  2. Rasht Valley in particular Tojikobod District.
  3. Kulyab region – the inhabitants of the town of Kulyab;
  4. Kurgantyubinsky region – in particular the residents Kumsangir, Vakhsh, Kalhazabadskogo areas;
  5. Hissar valley – the guys from Shahrinav, Vahdat and Hissar district;
  6. Zarafshan Valley – Panjakent District;
  7. Khujand region – men Uratyube areas B. Gaffurova, Kanibadam and Isfara.

According to estimates, the most expensive foreign players in Tajikistan are: Farhod Vosiev ($ 200 thousand.), Nuriddin Davronov ($ 150 thousand.) and Khurshed Makhmudov ($ 100 thousand.)

Management and coordination of the Tajik Football

Football, among other sports in Tajikistan is coordinated by the Football Federation of Tajikistan. (Taj Federosiyuni Football Tojikiston.) – The governing body of football and management in Tajikistan. Headquartered in Dushanbe. It organizes the national championship, the national Cup and Super Cup, national team, support, development and promotion of football in the entire country. Federation President Rustam Emomali is (the son of the president of the Republic of Tatarstan).
The Federation was founded in 1936 in what was then the Tajik SSR as a department of the Football Federation of the USSR. After independence, Tajikistan, the Federation was revived in 1994 and in the same year was admitted to the FIFA and AFC..

Indicators of financial and economic activities of the Football Federation of Tajikistan for 2013

The profitable part

FIFA Financial Assistance Programme – 1,241,054 Somoni
Financial Assistance Program AFC – 1,303,900 Somoni
Sponsorship – 1,002,250 Somoni
Entry fees of football clubs – 735,577 somoni
Proceeds from ticket sales – 88,947 somoni
Total amount – 4,371,730 Somoni

Expenditure part

Expenditure on the national teams of Tajikistan – 2,106,501 Somoni
Wages FFT staff and trainers – 844,818 somoni
Payment of taxes – 240 271 somoni
Competitions and activities of republican value – 381,999 somoni
Spending on media and children’s football – 250,595 somoni
Technical development – 154,288 somoni
Administrative costs – 316 795 somoni
Spending on marketing and advertising – 75 857 somoni
Total expenses – 4,371,120 Somoni

HISTORY Tajik football

Soccer has penetrated into the territory of Tajikistan in the early XX century. Then they were created football team in Dushanbe and Khujand, between which have been started long distance matches. Tajik SSR Championship began play out since 1937, and the Tajik SSR Cup draw has been held later.

Until mid-1991, Tajikistan was part of the Soviet Union and has had his national team as well as other Soviet republics, which are mainly conducted matches within teams and teams of the USSR, in particular in football tournaments of the Summer Games of the peoples of the USSR. Team of the Tajik SSR participated in all the drawings of the football tournament of the Summer Games of the peoples of the USSR. Football clubs in Tajikistan at that time also participated in the Soviet Top League.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of Tajikistan, it was organized by the team of the new convocation of Tajikistan. His first team matches held in 1992. The first game was the Tajikistan team match against Uzbekistan (2: 2), in the framework of the Central Asian Cup in 1992, initiated by FIFA. These matches are officially registered by FIFA on the basis of the fact that the team was allowed to Tajikistan since 1992 to participate in the tournament, held under the auspices of FIFA. At the draw of the tournament in the league format, the national team after the second round of Tajikistan refused to participate in the tournament due to financial difficulties. In 1993, the team has not conducted a single match because of the height of the civil war in Tajikistan, and financial difficulties. In 1994, Tajikistan had been officially adopted in the AFC and FIFA. In 1995, the team also conducted a single match. During the 1990s, the team performed not on a regular basis due to civil war and a lack of finance.

In 1996, the team has played only two matches in the qualifying for the Asian Cup 1996 qualifier against Uzbekistan. The first match was held in Dushanbe ended with a crushing score of 4: 0 in favor of the national team of Tajikistan, and the second match in Tashkent, Uzbekistan national team also defeated Tajikistan with a score of 5: 0, and thus the national team of Tajikistan was unable to get a ticket to the Asian Cup 1996 which was held in the United Arab Emirates . In 1997-1999 the team played 15 matches, of which won in 7 matches.

Tajikistan’s national team failed in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place in 4 «B» group, and therefore the entire coaching staff headed by Mubin Ergashev was dismissed. Thus, Tajikistan is until 2018 did not take part at least once in the international football games such as FIFA (Mundial) and AFC (Asian).

Famous Tajik footballers

In 1990-2000.                          2000-2015.
Rashid Rakhimov                Rahmatullo Fuzaylov
Muhsin Muhamadiev         Suhrob Khamidov
Sergey Mandreko               Jamoliddin Oev
Arsen Avakov                      Ibrahim Rabimov
Shukhrat Mamajanov       Yusuf Rabiev
Tahirdzhon Muminov       Dzhomihon Muhidinov
Hakim Fuzaylov                 Numondzhon Khakimov

Coach of the football team of the RT

1992 – 1994 Sharif Nazarov
1994 – 1995 Vladimir Gulyamhaydarov
1996 – 1997 Abdullah Muradov
1997 – 1998 Zoir Babayev
1999 – 2000 Sharif Nazarov
2000 – 2003 Salohiddin Gafurov
2003 – 2004 Sharif Nazarov
2004 – 2006 Zoir Babayev
2004 – 2006 Sharif Nazarov
2007 – 2008 Mahmadzhon Habibulloev
2008 – 2011 Pulod Kadyrov
2011 – 2012 Alimdzhon Rafikov from Russia
2012 – 2013 Kemal Alispahić from Bosnia and Herzegovina
2012 – 2013 Nikola Kavazovich from Serbia
2013 – 2013 Mubin Ergashev
2013 – 2015 Muhsin Muhammadiev from Russia
2015 – 2016 Mubin Ergashev

In Tajikistan the space in almost every village, district, cities there are stadiums and the biggest ones are:

  1. Pamir Stadium (formerly Frunze) in Dushanbe, with a capacity of 25 thousand people.;
  2. Stadium 20th anniversary of Independence in the city of Khujand capacity of 25 thousand people.;
  3. Metallurg Stadium in the city of Tursunzoda capacity of 20 thousand people.;
  4. Stadium in the town of Hissar city with a capacity of 20 thousand people.;
  5. Central Stadium of Kulob city – with a capacity of 20 thousand people,.
  6. Sports Istaravshan – with a capacity of 20 thousand people,.