Restaurants in Dushanbe by rating – the best!

In the city of Dushanbe there are more than 30 restaurants that provide the population of the country in the field of public catering their services. Residents of Dushanbe are very fond of restaurants, but due to low salary levels, half the city’s residents, although not once a year at the restaurant.

Along with restaurants in Dushanbe, there are also many cafes and teahouses where they also provide food. Tea house, unlike the restaurant does not have a rest condition. That eats in the teahouse there is no live music, belly dances, hookah, spirits, etc.

Фото ресторан Яккачинор

Фото ресторан Яккачинор

The tea house in general is a national and historical institution for the peoples of Central Asia in which people eat dishes, drink drinks, play chess and backgammon, and sing poems or songs with a shirt or tanbour.

In the city of Dushanbe, the best restaurants work mainly in the Ismoili Somon районе area and the Sino district. For interested people, a list of the best restaurants in Dushanbe is prepared, which are listed below in terms of the quality rating.

According to public opinion, taking into account various factors including: types of dishes, interior design, price level, customer numbers, customer references, cleanliness, availability, volume, architecture, efficiency of service and other nuances.

In the first place is the “Didor” Restaurant. It is located in the Sino district of the city of Dushanbe, close to the building of the Republican Court.

  1. In second place is the Bukhoro Restaurant;
  2. The third place is the Yakkachinor Restaurant;
  3. Restaurant Samarkand;
  4. Restaurant Sharbat
  5. Restaurant “Ok”;
  6. Restaurant Tajikistan;
  7. Shahrisabz restaurant;
  8. Restaurant Alsham
  9. Izyum Restaurant



The restaurant “Bukhoro” is one of the five best restaurants in the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe.

It opened in March 2016 and in such a short time managed to surprise its customers and make a big noise among the society about such incredible beauty and delicious traditional dishes. The Bukhoro restaurant is located in the eastern part of Dushanbe along the Friendship Street. Landmark Disco Loft or Merve restaurant.

Address: streets of Friendship of Peoples, phone: (+992) 90 000 7748 подробно >>>


Restaurant Didor in the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, is one of the newest establishments among public catering establishments on Tajik land to enter the top three restaurants of the republic (as of 2015-2018).

The restaurant Didor is located in the Sino area not far from the Circus. It is located in a quiet place at the beginning of Rakhmon Nabiyev Street against the Yakachinor restaurant. The restaurant Didor began its activities in 2015. The restaurant building has 3 floors and has 3 large halls and 3 small rooms and booths. Here daily live music or music on electronic record players.

Address: Dushanbe, st. Rahmon Nabiyeva, 21, Telephone: (+992) 91-999-33-88, 900-98-03-77  подробно >>>

Яккачинор ресторан

Restaurant Yakkachinor is one of the most luxurious, crowded and the best restaurants for an excellent holiday in the city of Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan. Yakachinor restaurant is located in Rahmon Nabiyev street in the Sino district.

The restaurant is one of the oldest establishments in the city of Dushanbe and is famous – famous among the population and residents. Named after the tree “Chinar” due to the fact that on the territory of the restaurant there were large and old plane trees during the years of the formation of the city of Dushanbe.

Rakhmon Nabiyev Street, 18. Telephone: (+992) 903-03-88-23 (Bobodzhon) or (+992) 98-570-00-33  подробно >>>

or Bar - restoran dushanbe

Feature: In the Oak Bar, we recommend meeting friends who have a European or subtle taste for design and comfort. But unfortunately in this bar it is not recommended to hold big parties and events including New Year’s holidays and weddings. That is, here the cuisine is not so excellent as it only prepares European dishes and there is no live music or great dancers.

Address and contacts:

City of Dushanbe, Ahmadi Donish Street, 19.

Phones: +992 226-36-80, (+992) 900-900-525, (37) 2263680  Подробно>>

Ресторан шахрисабз душанбе

Shakhrisabz Restaurant (Tarabkhon in Tajik) is one of the famous and old catering establishments in the capital of Tajikistan which is located along Telman Street in the territory of Ismoili Somoni district behind Poytaht 80 building.
Shahrisabz is a part of the TOP-10 restaurants of Dushanbe which has a building of 2 floors where there is a big hall for holding both small and large events.

Phone: +99 93) 505-00-99
Address: Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Telmana 17, Prospect. M. Tursunzade, landmark TC “Poytah


Ресторан Шарбат

The tea-house and to some extent the restaurant called “Sharbat” is located in the city of Dushanbe along Moensho Nasarchoeva street. The restaurant is included in the list of TOP-10 institutions of the city of Dushanbe which provides public catering services for the population. The restaurant has the same name in Tbilisi. This restaurant was put into operation on September 25, 2017 and is a new institution. The name means “Drink” in Russian.

Phone: (+992) 931-718-888, 911-115-588, 93-172-88-88

Reference point: Motor convoy 292. Address: Nazarshoeva street, 145.  Подробно >>>

Форель ресторан ДушанбеThe restaurant “Forel” is a part of 3 restaurants in the capital of Tajikistan – the city of Dushanbe. It is located along the street of Sadi Shrozi right along the Dushanbinka River in the territory of the Firdavs района district. The institution was built recently in 2014-2015 and in a short time became one of the famous revenge for the city’s residents.

Trout restaurant Dushanbe It is attractive because it is located next to the beautiful river Dushanbinka and offers unique dishes and mostly fish dishes. As you know, in Dushanbe, there is a lot of traffic and a lot of population that it is difficult to find a beautiful landscape for recreation. Therefore, Trout restaurant offers its customers an amazing place to eat deliciously, watch the current waters on the river and the traffic of urban transport. City of Dushanbe, 60 Kakharova Street. Phone: (+992) 93 344 77-77, (+992) 93-10-77-010 More Подробно >>>


“Toki” restaurant or it is officially called “Chayhana” is one of the best public places for eating national dishes in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

Tokhi Tokhana is located in the north-eastern part of Dushanbe along the road Kurban Rakhimov (formerly Telman). The very word “Toki” means “Tubiteika” that is eating the national Tajik headgear. The institution is basically not a restaurant, as it mainly offers national dishes and not integrated services. For example, there is no live music, dancing, hookah, alcoholic beverages. City of Dushanbe, Kurbon Rakhimov Street, 29. Former Telman Street. Landmark – tobacco factory.

Phone: (+992) 93-101-33-33   Подробно >>>>


Multifunctional residential complex Bukhoro Palace offers its residential and commercial premises. Take advantage of the following advantages: City Center; Underground parking; 24-hour security with video surveillance system; Playground for children and adults; On the first floor there will be a shopping center; The second floor is a modern business center;

For more information, please contact: Dushanbe, ul. Bukhoro 2. Phone: (+ 992) 908 999 555; 937 90 79 79.

Подробно >>>>


Pomir Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Dushanbe which is located along Mirzo Tursunzade streets near the Opera Ballet named after Sadriddin Aini. Here you can eat very tasty with your friends or guests. The restaurant design is decorated in a rich color in which it is very joyful to hold your parties or wedding events.

Phones: (+992) 918752108, 987112468

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The hunter’s halt is a 150-seat restaurant in Dushanbe that is famous for its beer and hookah and is located on the east side of the Tajik capital next to the JYST supermarket or west of Ashan city (Dushanbe Mall) along Pulodi Street.

Usually this place is not crowded (except for Friday) and its working time starts from 10 am and works until one in the morning. Her kitchen prepares European dishes where you can eat well in the amount of 10-20 US dollars. They have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

Phone +992 90 201 0233   Подробно >>>>

Ресторан 1001 душанбе

Restaurant 1001 in the city of Dushanbe is one of the top institutions in Tajikistan for solemn events including weddings and corporate parties.

The restaurant is located in the village of Kolhozi Russia in the southern part of the capital of Tajikistan against the restaurant Shoira suite. They offer to carry Nahor’s mistakes at a price of 100-150 somoni (1 chair) and evening wedding events at a price of 150-200 somoni that is not high compared to other restaurants of the capital /

Dushanbe, Abduahad Kahorov. Tel: 50 000 1001.

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